Some Thoughts: Golden Time Episode 8



AlexIt doesn’t look like this is the first time that Linda’s really upset Banri, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be the last time, as the flashback we got at the start gives us a bit of a rotten look into Linda’s personality. But is that all…?

Firstly, ghost Banri reappears and states what I expected – he hasn’t forgotten his feelings for Linda, but his current feelings have nothing to do with the Banri of now. It does beg the question of if the flashbacks are something that Banri remembers or if something that the viewers are being shown, as in, it’s from ghost Banri’s perspective.

This whole problem that Mitsuo’s got, what with Chinami and his rejection brings home a point that we just don’t know very much about him – he’s not really developed enough to be a proper “issue”, so to speak. Sadly, it looks like the focus shifts onto Mitsuo and 2D-Kun as they throw a party to cheer up Mitsuo, and Koko just invites herself because Tada’s going.

However, Koko ends up causing a few more problems than needed, mainly in her interactions with Mitsuo. The two are still very close, and regardless of the fact that Koko hates Chinami, she’s still sticking her nose in the scenario and messing with things, and exactly as Chinami said, she needs to pay attention to what she has, instead of just acting flamboyant around him. Her true feelings do come across sometimes, but the rest of the time she does a really good time of hiding what I think are her real feelings.

For an episode that focuses on Mitsuo primarily, I really just want to restate that him, Chinami and 2D-Kun aren’t developed enough at all.

However, everyone getting drunk at the party and passing out lets Banri got an opportunity to talk to Linda properly for once, as he was the first to wake. The talk that the two of them had, with Linda reminiscing about the past and telling Banri more about the old him, well…it made it very clear who’s got Banri’s best intentions at heart. Linda may have screwed up a lot, and done a lot wrong, but she’s clearly got his best intentions at heart and clearly loves him…regardless of what she says. But I do question if there’s something going on with Banri’s memories that he’s not aware of, as indicated by that outburst at the end.

The pacing and atmosphere that’s created is already incredibly well done, and the people are are important in the cast are incredibly well developed already – so they can only continue to get better in the two thirds of the show that’s left, right? There’s not the obvious love triangle, and like a lot of adult feelings should be, it’s all kept bottled up inside for people to guess at.


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