Some Thoughts: Golden Time Episode 9

With You Again


AlexLast episode ended with Banri displaying that he can’t control his memories, everyone’s acting odd the day after the drinks party, with Kaga actually calling in sick for days on end.


She continues to act strangely at Festival Club, and it’s enough for anyone to get suspicious that Koko might have overheard Banri, as she starts to ask Banri if he still loves her and when he’ll leave her.

However, in a flashback, Ghost Banri shows that this isn’t the first time Banri comforted someone like this, which…y’know, says something about his taste in woman. Buut as the two of them co-conspire together in the older days, all we get to see from this is that the old Banri has much more self confidence and is much bolder than the new one. It’s actually a little like watching two completely different characters, which makes things really strange.

On the topic of them acting differently, though, what happens in this episode and what Banri says just goes the extra mile to show how Linda’s a little…well, cruel. I don’t know what Banri did so that he could never have any trust, but Linda clearly can notice how he feels from that. However, this just makes it seem like Linda’s the best person for Banri, especially since she’s the stronger one who can wear the mask of an adult, but…well, that ending. Ghost Banri went back into regular Banri…so is it permanent?


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