Some Thoughts: Little Busters Refrain Episode 7

May 13th


AlexI’ll start with this. I know the secret of this world, and I know how this story ends. I’ll try my best not to spoil things or drop too many hints by talking about it, but it’s inadvertible that some things will slip past me – so there are some very heavy spoiler warnings here.

The Refrain route begins! With Rin being swallowed up by the darkness in the last episode, and a LOT of other secrets coming to light, there’s just one thing left to think on…what’s the secret of this world?

We go back to the beginning, the scene where Kyousuke returned all the way back in Episode 1, and the fight between Masato and Kengo breaks out again. However, there’s a serious difference this time around, as the two are really fighting each other and not just messing around, as the two really punch each other…or, at least, try to until Riki jumps in and takes the punches. He does what Kyousuke does, and try to balance things out and make it a fun, casual fight, but he gets completly ignored when he tries to put the “rules” of fighting in play. With Masato cracking a bone in Kengo’s arm, and Kengo wounding Masato’s face, these very basic changes are enough to completely reset the dynamic that we’ve got between the characters.

Be it Riki jumping into the fight and trying to control it, and Kengo turning to Riki for something fun to do, the differences all seem to equate to something pretty obvious, but the biggest change of all is Rin. Her heart’s closed to everyone apart from Riki, and is terrified of everyone who’s not an innocent child. However, apparently, there’s another major change…and when Riki goes into Kyousuke’s room, we get to see who. He’s probably no better than a shadow right now, and after last week’s events, and Kyousuke’s not so subtle “the answer doesn’t exist in this world” comment seems to hold weight about the events of last week.

Yet, Kyousuke might still be holding some weight in events and making things happen, as Lennon seems obsessed in playing with a baseball. It was pretty much established clearly that Lennon’s Kyousuke’s “underling, and he’s almost entirely responsible for Rin opening up again by playing baseball.

However, Kyousuke won’t come out of his room at all as Rin and Riki start setting up a proper baseball game, trying to take this chance to get Masato and Kengo back with Rin…but Kengo is furious about this. He claims that he’ll take his leave, that Riki won’t understand, and after saying that it’s the same thing with a pained voice, Kengo leaves. Masato knows what’s going on, too, and after a few words of wisdom, he also walks off. It’s almost a perfect word for word adaption of the route, andand whilst there are some things which i’m not happy with, there’s much more than I am happy with right now.



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