Some Thoughts: Little Busters Refrain Episode 8

Proof of the Strongest


AlexI’ll start with this. I know the secret of this world, and I know how this story ends. I’ll try my best not to spoil things or drop too many hints by talking about it, but it’s inadvertible that some things will slip past me – so there are some very heavy spoiler warnings here.

It’s now very obvious that Refrain takes place in an alternate world, and that Riki and Rin are the only ones who don’t know about it. However, will retracing the footsteps that Kyousuke took when forming the little busters make a real difference to anything?

Something snapped in Masato when he left last week, as he’s now gone on the warpath, attacking everyone who approaches him and scaring everyone stiff. It’s just like when Rin and Kyousuke approached him, and…well, he’s gone a little bit crazy, as evidenced when Riki and Rin trap him with some special glue…or at least, they think that they did. In his mad rage, he picks up the solid statue that he’s become attached to and breaks out of Riki’s slightly un-planned trap.

Just what’s going on here is becoming even more of a mystery, as Masato’s actions are unlike anything that he’s every done before, and it’s actually a sign of anger, pure and pure.Throwing the statue off and throwing the net off, Riki actually draws his fists for a fight against Masato, and it’s not until a combo attack from Riki and Rin’s full strength takes Masato down.

It’s time to get things from Masato’s perspective, and why he did what he did. His reasons…his actions. A few hints at the truth of this world. But we get to see a little bit of Masato’s past and his personality, why he become a muscle obsessed guy and why he had to become the strongest person. However, what happens…when everyone’s Masato? This ‘trick’ that got pulled on him is what drove him into his rage, as even Riki and Rin looked like exact copies of Masato to his eyes.

It’s all a trick to get us to see what’s in Masato’s heart, and why he is the way he is. We fir get to see him originally cget challenged by Kyousuke, with Kyousuke’s fireworks and traps, and originally watch him get defeated by Kyousuke. Even for people who don’t like Masato, you can’t help but get touched at this episode, as we get to see him originally get saved by Kyousuke, and how the him of ‘now’ got saved by Riki. We also get to see what the Little Busters means to Masato, and the verbal promise of Masato sticking with him till the end…well, I don’t want to drop any spoilers in here, but his monologue means a lot more than it appears to…obviously. Yet again, it was a perfect episode of Refrain, and I couldn’t ask for it to have been adapted any better than this was.



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