Some Thoughts: Little Busters Refrain Episode 9


AlexI’ll start with this. I know the secret of this world, and I know how this story ends. I’ll try my best not to spoil things or drop too many hints by talking about it, but it’s inadvertible that some things will slip past me – so there are some very heavy spoiler warnings here.

Masato rejoining the team, Kengo’s got to join next, but this time drawing inspiration from what Kyousuke did won’t work…I don’t think Riki fighting Kengo’s father will make him join again.; especially when he’s so insistent on not rejoining.

With Kengo’s promise that all that’ll await Riki is darkness, they appear completely stuck until Masato, breaking character, drops a huge hint – “Kengo may be even more simple than me”. He’s spot on, and it takes quite some intellect to know that, as the most complicated people are often the simplest at heart..and when you start reading into what Kengo thinks and what Kengo does, especially when he sits and talks to Kyousuke, things which you could never have noticed before start to come to light.

Kengo also understands the secret of the world, and it’s kinda spoilerish to mention what the two of them spoke about, but the essence of things is that Kengo is in opposition to Kyousuke; through methods or ideals. However, in the match itself, despite how much Kengo clobbers him with balls, he keeps hitting them, which is probably what causes Kengo to throw a ball that Riki can manage to hit.

With Rin switching in for pitcher when it’s Kengo’s turn to bat, the legendary no-con makes her startling re-appearance, and it’s time for Song For Freidsnt to appear in the background, as Kengo gets honestly defeated in a straightforward match by the two of them working together, as Rin’s memories of her old days as pitcher come back, and she throws a Rising Meow Fastball to defeat Kengo. As Kengo’s tears of regret single the end of his episode, it ends what could have actually been the only mediocre episode that Refrain has aired so far.



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