Some Thoughts – Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 Episodes 6 and 7

Raerae is my Catfriend & Would You Like a Flower Too?


AlexA slightly off topic observation, but I noticed that Kaito’s the odd one out in the group of puzzle “masters” as he’s the only one without a trench coat. Completly off topic, but considering that it’s the return of old characters like Elena (Gammon’s love interest), Souji, and Freecell, what better time to bring it up?

In the first episode of the duo, the girls all have a day out at Elena’s cue, where Raetsel takes it in turns trying on one outfit after another, and then they all end up going to the swimming pool together. Pretty…unremarkable, really. The only thing that could be considered interesting is the budding dynamic between Ana and Raetsel – one doesn’t trust the other, and the other loves cats and wants to be friends because of that. That’s obviously not all, when you stop to consider that Ana’s sense of smell is somewhat otherworldly, it may hint at interesting things for the future…and it’s much more interesting to talk about than the rather dull girls day out that’s going on whilst Gammon is having his turn at a puzzle battle.

It’s an obvious attempt to restore Gammon to what made him great in the first season, but quite ultimately, it was entirely overshadowed by the vibes that were coming from Raetsel and Ana, and to an extent, the mastermind, Enigma.

Now, Freecell, in my opinion, is the character who was always going to be the most interesting to watch, mostly based on what happened last season. With Rook following on from his role and actually investigating Jin’s goings-on, he ends up finding out that Jin probably did build Fool’s Puzzles (the killing type). However, he also found out that Jin probably destroyed these puzzles too. It offers insight into what Jin did during that year he vanished, and Rook’s theory is that Jin was under the influence of the Orpheus Armband. It’s an incredible relief to see that Rook is actively involving himself in the story and not just sitting out…

On the other hand, Melancholy has now become one of Enigma’s puppets, and has been set on Freecell under the guise of revenge. However, Freecell doesn’t puzzle anymore at all, thanks to what happened at the end of the season with Nonoha, which means that it’s shaping up to be a pretty one-sided thrashing from Melancholy. However, even if Kaito and company leave straight away, which they obviously do, Freecell still has hours and hours to fend on his own with.

With Kaito, Nonoha, Gammon and Pinochle working together to track down the tormented, thanks to a “slip-up” on Melancholy’s part, she manages to trap Kaito, Gammon and Freecell in a relatively elaborate multiplayer Fool’s Puzzle that she’s discovered, but the entire situation has flipped on Melancholy’s head with Engima reactivating this Fool’s Puzzle, saying that Jin had created it…and trapping her in it. In the puzzle where only two people can survive, Freecell out of action and Kaito trying to force himself too lose, Phi Brain is finally using it’s large cast size in clever manner that benefits things in the long run…if this plotline with Jin is what they’re really going with.


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