Some Thoughts – Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 Episodes 8 and 9

Farewell Forever & Let’s Go To That Place


AlexWith an actual life or death situation going on, and Freecell being entirely clueless and unable to do anything, Phi Brain’s set up for something interesting here.

I forget what it’s called with the galaxy eyes, but Freecell apparantly has it too, and whilst it’s going to obviously be for the same reasons the others have it, his is activated by his desire to atone and by asking his mother for help. It fits pretty well with his slightly pyscopathic personality from the second season, but interestingly, the puzzle ends almost entirely at the start of the episode. However, this takes a pretty interesting turn of events, as the Orpheus Armlet recieves the blame for things, and we move onto Melancholy’s story…unexpected, huh?

As a blackout falls on the castle Melancholy calls home. It’s just sitting here that we realise we know nothing about who this girl is and what she does, or even what she’s playing at with this turn of events. What with a hidden room containing puzzle after puzzle, and with everyone in the room figuring out that they’re all gentle, warm friendly puzzles…the possibility that she has a screw lose becomes even more possible. However, the episode isn’t about Melancholy, it’s about Freecell and how he’s going through what Kaito went through all that time ago, and how he’s faced with the fact that he has to atone for everything he did.

It’s…surprisingly quite a touching episode. I always liked Freecell’s character, but how he’s developed and how he’s changed now is that he’s been given the role of resident softie, what with him leaving a crossword behind for Melancholy. He’s the sweet, childlike one in the group, and through saving Melancholy, he saves himself from himself. My only complaint with this episode actually was that Nonoha didn’t get the screentime she should have gotten, what with being Freecell’s love interest.

Could it be…that the next episode is an episode WITHOUT Kaito in it?! Rook’s found out what Jin did in the year he was away, and Enigma’s extended an invite to the headteacher of the school. With him, Rook, Bishop, Raetsel, Jin, Enigma and Souji gathered around the dinnertable, it’s time for some rather…pleasant conversation.

Firstly, the Orpheus Armband. The theory that the armband caused Jin to hate puzzles. The armband only amplifies existing feelings, and much to Rook’s discomfort, he confirms this. The topic now moves onto Raetsel and where she met Jin, with her living alone with puzzles in a mountain village. Sensing extreme talent, Jin took Raetsel with him out of the village, and for a long time, together, they tried to defeat the infamous Fools Puzzles together, and after he found a puzzle where somebody died in, he departed Raetsel and went on to the events of season 1. It fills the gaps in pretty perfectly.

Next up is the turn of Enigma. Why did Jin leave him in charge? There’s obviously a story there, but it’s for another day. We need to go back to Jin and Raetsel, and why Raetsel hates puzzles. Bringing all these topics up is starting to get Jin’s memories back…

Rook and Bishop aren’t willing to let things lie, though, with them revealling that the biggest clue is probably in the Divine Puzzle and the Divine Scripture, where Jin lost his memories and the count was defeated. The headteacher, though, has his own theories on what Jin appears to have remembered. Jin treated Kaito differently to Raetsel because Kaito had something that she didn’t have, which was why Jin abandoned her and lied to her. The fact that the Jin of here and now is willing to say that he lied to her and didn’t need her…well, she appears to have a trump card – something that’ll restore all of his memories.

Raetsel turns against Enigma and runs off with Jin, and things end there. It’s quite an expected plot twist, but it’s been executed really well, with Raetsel’s construction and deconstruction fitting into the same episode, and how she refuses to believe that Jin didn’t need her as much as she needed him. It’s tying into the new heartfelt theme that the show’s trying to take…hmm.


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