Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 9

Predetermined Quota


Diableos This show certainly decided to get back on the serious path after the recent ridiculous moments. I wasn’t expecting it to turn back around so soon, but it was great. I feel like this episode tried giving me the push I wanted to get onboard with the recent events, and I’m actually glad it did. I’m definitely not as sceptical about this anymore.

So to begin with in this episode, we see how easily Samurai Flamenco can deal with these silly monsters, and we also see just how bored everyone is of these monsters. Nobody bats an eye at them anymore. The Flamenco Girls became bored with fighting the monsters again and again, and even the police have stopped caring about them as much and aren’t working as hard regarding them, although it does make me wonder if there’s somebody in charge in league with King Torture. It’s a long shot, but knowing that they’re barely paying attention anymore does worry me. It’s most likely just boredom and the fact that everybody knows Samurai Flamenco can easily deal with them without any casualties. This itself also makes me wonder why King Torture is sending these weird monsters out again and again. Surely he must know they’re being defeated quickly and easily, yet he continues to do it. I feel like they have a purpose that’s not entirely obvious yet, but I could be wrong. The fact that Hazama does easily dispatch of these monsters does seem to have made him into more of a confident yet arrogant person. Gotou has even grown tired of how Hazama and Maya have acted lately, and can’t stand helping them while they’re being self-centred. I’m hoping that Gotou will still be there for them when they need him… and I think they’re going to need him very soon.

They’re going to need him because King Torture has really stepped up his game. He had a deal with Akira Konno to bring Flamenco Diamond to him, yet Akira failed to uphold his part of the deal. We don’t know what Akira was going to receive out of this deal. From the way they were talking, I would assume it was some form of entertainment, but it’s difficult to say. What we do know is that King Torture is legitimately evil and enjoys torturing people. I have a strong feeling he tortures his victims before turning them into monsters. I have no idea if he actually does, but it seems like we’re being pointed in that direction. Harazuka was investigating the monsters and why they always explode, and eventually he found out they left behind some unknown particles. Does this mean King Torture is an alien? Did someone or something create him? Is he a monster like the others? There are many questions surrounding him. He also asked for a final showdown with Samurai Flamenco. What’s more is that he managed to capture Maya after she stupidly challenged him, and Hazama has no choice but to face him. The final thing that caught my attention is that King Torture keeps mentioning how he needs Samurai Flamenco for something. I’ve tried to think of what it could be since I finished the episode, but I just can’t come up with anything. Hopefully we’ll find out when they battle it out next time.

I loved this episode so much and I’m so excited for the next episode. I’m very interested in King Torture now. They’ve done a great job with his character. This show has really surprised me. It’s gone from being light-hearted yet mature, to downright ridiculous, and now it’s very serious and quite dark. I hope that Hazama will manage to rescue Maya and stop King Torture. I don’t particularly like Maya, but I don’t want anything else to happen to her. Maybe she will have learnt her lesson when this is over. There are so many questions I want answered, and all I can do is hope that the next episode will answer at least some of them. I’m also hoping that the battle between Hazama and King Torture will be great. I’ll always be rooting for Hazama, even if he has become slightly arrogant.


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