Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 10

Final Battle! At the Enemy Base!


Diableos Wow. That was quite the final battle. I’m still in awe over it. It was hugely entertaining and actually smashed my expectations. Granted, I don’t really know how high or low my expectations were, and I had no idea how they would execute this, but it was amazing. It was enthralling. I just couldn’t look away, and I’m so happy about it. This episode has redeemed the show for the weirdness in the earlier episodes, and I hope it’s proven itself to other people as well.

So I wanted to know more about King Torture and to see more of him, and this episode didn’t fail to deliver. He’s incredible. I was half-tempted to start rooting for him during all of this, especially because of the cruelty he was showing to Maya. Calling her a side character and telling her how she’s nothing like a real hero. I imagine those words cut deep and I’m very curious about how this will affect her later in the show. Fingers crossed that they affect her positively, although I have to assume she’ll need some time to recover. And poor Moe! She was willing to give up her life for Maya even though she really isn’t worth it. Regardless of how silly Moe is, I had to respect her for that, as well as King Torture. He was willing to torture Moe instead of Maya, yet he kneeled down in respect and was no longer going to harm her. I was very surprised by it at first, but I’m sure he did it to push Maya even further down into the dirt. I actually wondered if he was doing this to help Maya improve and develop, but I think it was just to teach her a lesson for the challenge she issued. Torture was doing a great job at making her feel awful with his psychological torture.

While Torture did a great job with that, did he do well in the fight with Hazama? Yes, and he’s one nasty, yet dedicated guy. Torture actually cut off his own arm to replace it with a chainsaw arm. It was disgusting, creepy, and awesome all in one. Certainly wasn’t expecting that one! Despite the serious nature of it all, the fight between the two was somewhat cheesy, but luckily that didn’t take away from it at all. It turns out that Torture was actually very similar to Hazama. They both grew up loving superhero shows, except the key difference being that Torture joined the side of evil. Effectively a mirrored version of Hazama. Torture thought he was doing a good thing, and that he would bring peace to the world. Even though he knew he was technically evil, he still thought he was a good guy… in a way. Not a good guy as in a hero, like Hazama, but a good guy for doing what he felt was a good thing. All Torture needed was someone to play the role of the hero, and he could make his entrance. I’m curious to know if this means there will be other villains with a similar back-story. I hope they’re not all the same, but I do hope that they’re as calculated as Torture. Even if Torture failed to beat Samurai Flamenco, he had another plan waiting. He was absolutely full of surprises. Of course, Hazama would never give up or give in to evil and will always fight to the end. Thankfully, Gotou also shows up to assist him and then thwart Torture’s plan. Hazama also gives a little speech about how allies and friends to heroes are vital, and how they may actually be the real heroes themselves. It was a really nice thing to think about. I hope this means Hazama will be humble and passionate once again. Going back to Gotou, though, I just have to say I love his reactions to everything. He’s such a wonderful character. The best reaction of his was when Hazama revealed that he is Samurai Flamenco. You read that right, he actually revealed it after being so adamant about keeping it a secret. What will his manager say? What about the public? Will future villains use this knowledge? This show really loves to give us a bunch of questions, and I look forward to seeing them answered.

Yet again, Samurai Flamenco leaves me wanting more. I’m excited for and eagerly awaiting the next episode. I have no idea where the show will go now. My first guess would be that the next episode will focus on the repercussions of the showdown with King Torture, but it’s been difficult to predict what this show will do next for some time now. I’m desperate to see what will happen to Hazama, Gotou, Maya, and everyone else after all that. It was such an entertaining episode, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to go and watch it immediately. I might even go back and watch it a second time. Now to cross all of my fingers and toes and hope for giant robots and power suits…


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