Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 11

From Beyond


Diableos Forget about Samurai Flamenco getting back on the serious path. I think it’s just about ready to totally abandon seriousness at this point, and probably doesn’t even want to consider it as an option. Although in reality, I shouldn’t let myself get surprised after what this show has already been through, but wow. I’m surprised and somewhat disappointed, yet I’m happy, excited and very interested at the same time. Samurai Flamenco really loves messing with how I feel about it.

This episode started off immediately where the previous one ended, and Joji finally showed up again and had a bigger role this time around! He actually arrived in his Red Axe costume and whisked Hazama away in an aircraft. I wouldn’t really know how to describe it… but now there’s a new group of villains called From Beyond. As far as I can tell, they must aliens of some kind, or at least something that isn’t human. I wouldn’t really say they’re very different to the monsters we saw that were working for King Torture. The one in this episode was certainly a weird one. It had giant lips and it killed people through poison and toxicity, and was appropriately named “Ugly Toxic Poison”. An interesting concept for sure, but I just wish some of these monsters would look more intimidating than stupid. Going back to Joji though, he knew about From Beyond, and the fact they supported King Torture, yet it wasn’t explained how he knew. I suppose it doesn’t entirely matter how he knew about them, but he explained it to Hazama and then introduced him to a secret organisation called… Flamengers. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute. It sounds so silly, but I guess that suits the show at this point. I have to assume Joji was actually working on/with the Flamengers every single time he said he was away in other countries, which makes sense as he told Hazama he lied about going to Africa.

This is why the show has gone back to the ridiculous path. Joji has created an entire organisation to fight evil and was trying to assemble a team of heroes. Hazama was the last piece that Joji needed for his plan. It’s basically turned into the anime version of Power Rangers, except not as child-friendly. Several new characters showed up in this episode, except unfortunately Joji told each one of them they would be Flamen Red, the leader of the team. After some words with Hazama, Joji attempted to inspire the team by “sacrificing” himself and told them how Hazama’s sense of justice is stronger than the others, and he is thus the true leader. The new characters then changed their outfits and became the other members of the team. Ange Kuroki became Flamen Black, Sakura Momoi became Flamen Pink and is the only female member of the group, Hekiru Midorikawa became Flamen Green, and Soichi Aoishima became Flamen Blue, although he wanted the Flamen Red title instead of Blue. As I said, this show has basically turned into the anime version of Power Ranges. If this team wasn’t good enough to convince you of that, they even combine their vehicles into a giant robot to fight the monster after it grows in size. I really don’t know what to even say about it. I’m starting to think Samurai Flamenco is trying to parody a bunch of superhero shows. I can’t say I’m not interested in where it’s going, but I didn’t really want it to turn into the Power Rangers anime.

I know I’ve said I want power suits and giant robots, but this isn’t the kind of giant robot I wanted. I wanted something like in the opening. I don’t doubt that they’re going to try to keep the show as entertaining as possible, but turning it into Power Rangers is still questionable. It was a fun and silly little episode. It did make me laugh because it had a weird charm to it. The problem is that I don’t want this idea to overstay its welcome, so part of me really hopes that Hazama goes back to his Samurai Flamenco gear. It’s very difficult to say what will happen from here on out. I’m still enjoying the show and I will give these new characters a chance. King Torture and his monsters seemed stupid at first, but he went out on a big note and I really appreciated him as a character. If the show can make me appreciate and like the characters once again, I’ll be very happy. It won’t surprise me if they do manage it again, so I’m going to keep my hopes up.

PS: I’d like to give a shout-out to Japanator for this post about our blog! I’m sorry that this isn’t a Golden Time post for you to enjoy, though.


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