Some Thoughts – Super Sonico The Animation Episode 2

First Astronomical Velocity

Super Sonico episode 2

meee First Astronomical Velocity are holding a concert, and YOU’RE invited! Of course, because this is Super Sonico The Animation, nothing would ever go too smoothly… Tears, laughter and a whole load of “GOMEN NASAI”.

So after last week’s appalling starting episode, I was hoping that this week’s episode could redeem itself. And what can I say? It wasn’t THAT bad – in comparison – but still, it’s really lacking originality and the bit of “oomph” in each episode that makes you want to carry on watching. But hey, it’s progress… Maybe we might get a half decent storyline and plot come through by the end of the series!

In this episode, Sonico, Fuuri and Suzu are all planning for a concert held on 24th May, to promote their band… How very, very… K-On!-esque… Hm. Of course, because this anime basically revolves around Sonico, White Fox are desperately trying to slip in fanservice in every possible snippet and section they can. And to be honest, in most cases with fanservice, it can be quite funny or entertaining or actually… Good? But for Sonico? … No. You just start to get a bit fed up with it after a while… It’s annoying. In my post last week, I said how I was looking forward to seeing more of Suzu, because she seemed like she had a pretty interesting personality and relationship with Sonico (which we learn more about in the latter part of the episode). However, it just seems that Suzu is really a bad influence on the band… Fuuri, however, entertaining, silly, klutzy and ridiculous she may be, isn’t as stupid as she may first seem. Once Suzu reveals an outfit in which she wants Sonico to wear for the upcoming concert which apparently can melt as you sweat (I have to admit, Suzu gets a tip from me for the creativity factor, but really, she’s abusing that creative mind…), Sonico goes all “A-AHH, I-I CAN’T WEAR T-THIS, UUAA”, AGAIN. Instead of actually putting her foot down and saying no… Fuuri sticks up for Sonico, and says how Sonico should just wear whatever she feels most comfortable in, and too right, I completely agree with her, although it seems that Sonico really doesn’t understand that it’s okay to say no, what with her modelling job and all. Sighs. I suppose it was White Fox’s way of trying to balance out the fanservice and make it seem justified or something (ugh, but those creepy old men in the Zeppelin Bar that Sonico works at… Reira’s one cool grandma, though, hehe).

The girls keep rehearsing for the concert, and I am really looking forward to seeing and learning more about the band itself, although it did seem that this episode was focused on the relationship between Sonico and Suzu, plus a bit about Suzu and Fuuri (I really do want to know more about Fuuri, I think she’s actually a lot more smart and cunning than we really think she is… Well, I hope she is). I was also excited to see what the song the band would perform, considering I do quite a lot of the Hokago Tea Time songs from K-On! and… SoniAni does seem heavily influenced by K-On! (seriously, Sonico is just like the big breasted version of Yui, except unfunny and annoying). However, DISASTER STRIKES!

… It wasn’t all happiness and rainbows for the girls. Sonico sadly forgets she has more on her plate than she can handle and has to take up a modelling job and miss rehearsals. Once again Sonico wears a revealing outfit, however not as bad as last time: it was just for all the fanboys and fangirls to fawn over her. Although, it seems poor Sonico really does miss her friends and wishes she was at the rehearsal instead, and can’t seem to focus on her work. We soon join Suzu though at her workplace – I presume – and it seems that she and Sonico have a really good friendship. Whilst Suzu was mainly gravitated to Sonico because of her looks (how shallow…), it seems the pair really get along together too. They both met at a concert, and Sonico seemed pretty nervous and shy to go on her own, but was happy that Suzu approached her and spoke to her, and eventually, they all decided to set up their own band, presumably after being inspired by the concert they went to. It was quite nice, actually – a happy little story – and it seems that Suzu really brings out the best in Sonico, despite forcing her to wear revealing clothes at their concerts. Yes, Sonico is that annoying moe girl who is hopeless when it comes to everything, but it seems she does struggle to express her feelings properly; she’s shy and has trouble talking to people; and seems almost a bit… Lonely. I suppose it makes sense though, because people might be intimidated by her from doing all of her modelling and being a perfect student (although maybe I’m overthinking this), so maybe Suzu talking to her has made her a bit more confident and brought her out of her shell; made her a stronger person. That’s what I think, anyway, but I suppose we will find out more soon about Suzu and Sonico.

The day of the concert and arrives, and yet again… DISASTER STRIKES. There’s a huge traffic jam, by the looks of it: All of the trains and buses are packed, and it seems that Suzu and Fuuri aren’t going to make it to the concert on time. I suppose I felt quite bad for Sonico, because it seems she probably performs better with her friends around and is very shy in general, so seeing her getting all flustered, nervous, trying to improvise whilst onstage made me feel sad for her, considering I can completely empathize, along with many other people. But just in time, as Sonico is about to play the song… Fuuri and Suzu make it in time, and we get to hear the first ever song the band produced… “Skylab Hurricane”! Not sure what it was all about, but it was very K-On!-esque, like I said earlier: The lyrics making absolutely no sense but nonetheless it was quite catchy. Of course… White Fox was cunning again… Poor Sonico put on the wrong outfit.  Whilst she stood there flustered, half naked, shocked and embarrassed… We ended up with another “UUUAAAA!!” ending. No wonder she’s probably always so shy and nervous around people. Poor Sonico-chan…


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