Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 13

Night Before the Decisive Battle


Diableos Gosh darn it, Samurai Flamenco. Stop playing with my feelings so much. This is insane. I’m never going to get used to this. We get ridiculous episodes, then we get episodes like this where things turn dark all of a sudden and I just don’t know anymore. It was still a great episode though, and that’s a pleasant surprise to me! Just slow down if you’re going to string my emotions along.

Thirteen certainly wasn’t unlucky for this episode. Eh… well, it was for the characters, but it wasn’t for us. It was just a downward spiral of events for the Flamengers this time. First it turned out that there were 256 more monsters waiting at From Beyond, but thanks to Flamen Green’s intellect and deduction, he figured out there’s a total of 65,524 members in From Beyond. They concluded that From Beyond is gathering every member together to launch an all-out attack on Japan, and it scared them. Let’s be honest, if they did that, the odds would most certainly be in their favour. I wish villains would wise up and do that more often, myself! You can really tell that this news got to the characters, and it sorely affected Hazama. He hadn’t been sleeping well and ended up having a nightmare, and that is where my emotions started being pulled all over the place. It felt just like a normal scene transition, yet it held such a grim and powerful moment… and it didn’t even happen. It would’ve led to something amazing, like Hazama kicking butt thanks his emotions and taking down From Beyond all alone. Of course, what followed in the episode was still great, but that scene shocked me and I’m sure it shocked plenty of others too. Thankfully, Hazama’s manager is pretty cool and she tried to calm him down. It’s really nice to see her supporting Hazama, even though she hoped that he wasn’t Samurai Flamenco, and it’d be great if she was given a little more screen time, though it’s not the end of the world if she isn’t.

Speaking of the end of the world… it may come to that in this show. The Flamengers ended up being told to do absolutely nothing about From Beyond, and they weren’t allowed to announce it either. They had to wait until the government had secured every VIP, while leaving the public blissfully ignorant. I have to agree with Flamen Blue in that it makes them look like cowards. Now here is where the episode tore my emotions apart again. The Flamengers were all invited to join those VIPs in a safe shelter, and were also allowed to bring five other people with them, but who would they choose? This was a really touching moment, and once again Hazama wasn’t handling it too well. Who would he save? There were too many people to choose from. He decided to visit Gotou and I’m not entirely sure what Hazama planned to say to Gotou, but I imagine it would have been to ask for advice, or to simply ask him to go to the shelter. It was very interesting to listen to what Gotou had to say about people, and even with this dark turn the show has taken, it’s nice to have some pleasant news from someone. I’m still wondering why Hazama didn’t end up saying much to Gotou. Perhaps he would’ve felt bad for disrupting Gotou’s life? I’m not sure. I just felt so sad for Hazama during this episode, and this whole part really got to me. Who was he to decide who was worth saving or not? Who are any of us to decide that? I honestly would not be able to pick just five people to save, out of all the possible people I could choose from. All this stress on Hazama’s shoulders must have given him so much grief. You could even clearly see the bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. If all of this piled up wasn’t bad enough, Joji decided to disappear on everyone, leaving Hazama in charge of everything. I sincerely hope that it’s one of his beautiful lies, and he comes back with a huge bang in the next episode. Leaving Hazama in charge in his current state may not have been the best idea, or perhaps it was. I don’t think anyone knows what goes on inside Joji’s mind.

I can’t wait to see what happens next time. What a cliffhanger. The one thing the Flamengers weren’t allowed to do was tell anybody about From Beyond’s plan, and that’s exactly what Hazama did, of all people. On television! It’s what this show does so well. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen, but I really hope it’s incredible. I’m hoping for some amazing action in the next episode. I can barely contain my excitement. This whole episode so simple, yet it wasn’t at all. There was no action in this episode but it ended up being so powerful and touching. I really don’t know anymore. I think I need to rest and cool off before next week.


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 13

  1. I think that Joji realised they have no chance of winning, that they would most likely die even if he stay and thought that saving (I doubt it will save any of the VIP’s though) his wife only would make him a despicable guy in her, his and everyone else’s eyes. He instead decided spending the rest of his life with her was the best and natural thing to do.

    That show is amazing. It answers every single doubt and question I ever had while watching any Super Hero or Super Sentai shows about how it would look in a little bit more realistic world.

    • I think that’s definitely possible. Even if Joji returns and has an excuse for his absence, he could be lying about it. His excuses for leaving at other moments were simply because he was in another country. Maybe he did finally think the team was outmatched. Regardless, I want him to return and be ready for action.

      It is a nice portrayal about how it would look in the real world. Obviously the monsters themselves aren’t realisitc, which is why the first few episodes probably are the best. With any luck, we could see the show return to that.

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