Some Thoughts: Golden Time Episode 15

Accident Beach


AlexWe’ve got the relationship with Mitsuo and Linda hanging overhead, the fact that Ghost Banri has suddenly developed the ability to affect reality and Koko’s starting to wear thin…so what better moment for a beach trip?

Well, the day starts off with the main pair pissing 2D-Kun off by being too wrapped up in themselves to notice that he’s been trying to call him, then by treating his driving as a taxi, and because of this they’re stuck in traffic together. If that’s not a batch of bad luck, I don’t know what is…especially as now Oka’s suddnely unreachable. It takes ages to find Oka, and that’s not the only problem, as the traffic is starting to become a killer. Hours late, and with horrible weather brewing, the group finally gets to move towards the beach.

With Mitsuo joining the group, everyone’s got that incident with Linda on their minds, as they’re acting oddly standoffish with Linda, and being stuck in 10km of traffic together doesn’t make for the best day…especially as 2D-Kun keeps asking if someone’s been cursed or not. That said, they still have fun in the ridiculously heavy rain…which causes the rain to fade away. Did Ghost Banri give up when everyone had fun anyway? Regardless, the day ends with a romantic display of fireworks for everyone. Koko takes the drivers seat on the way back, letting everyone else get some sleep after being struck by a strange burst of sleepiness.

However, Banri ends up falling asleep, and as such, Koko falls aslee shortly afterwards, leading to a particularly strange scene with Ghost Banri. I didn’t quite get what happened there, but it appears he regetted putting everyone under a curse..? It’s starting to get a little too farfetched for my liking, in all honesty, so it’s slightly thankful that Koko is very slowly improving her status as a character. Verrryyyy sloowwwwllllyy.


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