Some Thoughts: Golden Time Episodes 11, 12, 13 & 14

Trouble Party
Don’t Look Back
Summer has Come
Ladies Talk



Preparations for the summer holiday are coming along, with the Awa Dance festival going in full swing, and Banri’s preparing for the beach trip with Kaga.

However, after asking for advice about travelling to the beach, it’s a little too far and wouldn’t be like a proper date on the busy train…so money needs to be found somewhere to rent a taxi or something. Yet clingy Kaga stops him from getting a part-time job by playing the desperate girl act.

After some creepy monologue from Kaga about keeping Tada to herself and doing everything for him, including dressing him, Oka purposely upsets Kaga by offering a job interview.

Moving swiftly onwards, Tada goes off to thank Nana for the care offered, and Linda comes into the subject again, and with Nana actually offering a job to Tada on the condition that he brings Mitsuo with him. With the two men sitting down and having a talk about Kaga, suspicions about the job seem to be ignored in favor of Tada thinking about why he puts up with Kaga.

It really was a supicious job from the start, as crossdressing and revealing costumes get forced upon people since Nana’s job was to cater a masquerade party. Things turn to worse as Nana’s plot to get Banri with Linda comes out into the open, with Linda catering the party in a skimpy outfit. This episode leaves off with Kaga trying to phone Tada after looking at the stolen photo, but the phone going to an answering service – trouble may be brewing.

Keeping secrets from Kaga was never a good idea, and the party’s going even further on as Mitsuo gets on stage for some quick cash, and Kaga is sat ringing Tada’s doorbell. Linda, Banri and Mitsuo are starting to get into the swing of things as Kaga’s wondering the streets looking for him, and…she stumbles into the party with the two of them posing for a fake kiss. Things are very quickly getting troubling for Banri, as he notices a total of 63 messages from Kaga on his phone after work where she’s getting increasingly desperate.

More secrets come out into the open with Kaga confronting Banri over the photo and the issue with Linda, and the whole alternating between Linda and Koko gets into the open, too. Things appear to get resolved by Kaga begging him not to remember anymore of the past. However, Tada goes further behind her back by going to Linda and asking about the past and halfheartedly breaking up with Linda.

However, Linda’s lying to herself and to Barni, as the start of the third episode here shows. She did want to be with him, and she wanted to be with him all along. The Awa dance arrives, too, and Koko comes down with a severe batch of nerves. In the end, though, it all works out perfectly, and they win an invite to a local fireworks festival. There’s no more fitting time for Ghost Barni to reappear, and part quickly with a curse upon Tada for rejecting him. With everything in Summer going wrong, Kaga comes over to cook for Banri, and even that goes horribly wrong as she just throws stuff that’s been pre-made in a pan at home.

This episode ends with a promise from Ghost Banri to make Tada even unhappier, and on Kaga’s idea, her, Tada and 2-D Kun stalk Mitsuo for the majority of the day in the burning heat. However, after finding Miss Ultrasonic on her own without Mitsuo, the four of them end up making plans to go to the beach, but spot Mitsuo with Linda on what appears to be a date.

Oddly enough, Kaga turns up at Chinami’s house to try swimsuits on together, and the two of them talk about love and girl stuff, and demons accepting sacrificial virgins and everything down that pipeline. However, Mitsuo and Linda’s relationship is still up in the air, and so is this curse that’s taking place…and the beach is up next. Hmm. Some serious doubts are starting to form about this show, but i’ll wait to see if it’s just having some bad episodes.


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