Some Thoughts – Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 Third Quarter

What’s Your Real Dream?
I Just Remembered Someone
Is That What You Thought I’d Say?
She’s Too Shallow
If it Was the Us of Then
I Want to Make a World Where Nobody is Hungry
The Journey’s End


AlexOr; in other words, Episodes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. This kinda indicates it’s been a while…a long while. Seven episodes worth, actually…to recap, Raetsel ran away with Jin after we had the episodes with Freecell last time. It’s about time for the plot to actually get started!

On the trail of Raetsel and Jin, everyone ends up in Texas, where they run into a lookalike of Nonoha and her big brother…who also happen to speak fluent Japanese. In essence, because Gyammon pissed off Nono (the lookalike’s) sister, they end up in a basketball showdown where he gets thrashed. I think it’s designed to show Gyammon’s softer side, however, it probably was too much of a coincidence, as they end up with another puzzle and another Master Brain to go up against. It’s all a little silly and a little farfetched, but it gives Gammon the focus and the attention that he needed, but surprisingly for this show, it was a cliched way to deliver it. I actually expected better, as this show throws away the norm on a regular basis and makes things up that fit, so for it to go down the lookalikes road I thought things were a little off.

Continuing on the trail of Raetsel, the trio is stuck in a foreign airport somewhere due to terrible weather…so Anna and Cubic are off on their adventure as they wait for Kaito’s group to meet them in the next destination. They get approached by a woman named Regina who gives them a quick lesson of the folklore around the waterfalls. However, their naive nature has walked them facefirst into a trap set by a pretty high ranking member of Enigma’s cabinet. However, Anna displays her un-natural ability at puzzling, and despite the fact that the puzzle isn’t designed to be beaten fairly, they still manage to get out of the problem with the robot’s assistance. Yet another piece of the puzzle completed!

The world tour goes on an on, and it’s time for a face from the past to appear, as Enigma recruited everyone’s favorite Herbert to be the next roadblock. Regardless of the fact that we didn’t get nearly enough Ana last time, the group ends up finding the next puzzle together in South America, whilst Rook and Bishop are hunting for something that’s located in forbidden ruins. However, regardless of what the better characters are doing, the group of explorers works so much better as a team. They’ve got a much more interesting dynamic together, but it’s time to get back to the fact that Herbert now wears four replica rings and appears to be completely insane after creating a strange balance puzzle for all five to undergo together. I don’t think everyone’s solved a puzzle together before, so it’s pretty interesting to get to watch. It was also a pretty interesting puzzle, with a nice trap involved. Herbert’s little story was interesting, too, as his anger against Kaito brought about his own failure.

This is a full three episodes into the world tour, though, and to stop it from going on forever, Raetsel needs to stop running. In theory, it’s a puzzle which will never end until she gets what she wants, and it’s time she makes her move, which is exactly what the fourth episode in this batch is about. After getting a rather strange chastising from Jin, she appears to have an interesting scheme in place. However, Nonoha’s job as the voice of reason finally gets to kick in, drawing Raetsel out of hiding. She’s created a puzzle that’ll kill Jin off if it’s not solved, and she’s pretty confident about things. It’s a surprisingly simple puzzle, with just a maze that’s got tricks and traps to ensure it’s solved fairly.

However, the maze puzzle is just a test of endurance, and not an actual puzzle. Halfway across the world, Freecell and Rook have come together to find the truth about the Puzzle of God. Back with Kaito, the maze is finally revealed to have traps guiding the group down one central path, so surely enough, it’s not very long before they reach what appears to be the goal. After a quick talk, Raetsel opens the door and ends up giving the group the Jin impostor from the start of the season. It’s time for Freecell and Rook to take centre stage as they’ve fallen into one of her traps, just like the others have. With Kaito and his group as the prize, Raetsel’s trap finally shows itself.

Two pyramids and two puzzles, Phi Brain’s making use of it’s large cast again, and going into the next episode things are promising to get interesting. The puzzle for Rook and Freecell is yet another maze, but a maze that uses pictures and emblems of gods to block off and open up paths. The two need to work together to open and close the route for the other, and unsurprisingly, they figure the trick out with astounding ease and proceed through a large portion of the maze. However, the trap part of this is starting to show, as both paths get blocked off, and the only way to solve it is to turn things around and look at it like they’re the villains. Surely enough, they found a dirty trick to solve the unsolvable, and it gets solved. Divine scriptures in tow, and a promise to meet up at the POG HQ, the time has come to question just WHO Enigma is. Equally, what’s next for Raetsel? The POG has found her hideout, thanks to Enigma’s meddling, and Jin’s started having strange periods.

After being called back, the Principal wants to show them the grave of Jin’s rival, Lovushka. She was a solver who Jin bonded with, with innocent ideals and basic dreams. However, Jin kept improving at a rapid pace, and eventually got the Orpheus Armlet. The rest is the story from Season 1, however, Lovushka couldn’t stand the idea that Jin ran off, and got herself killed by challenging endless Fool’s Puzzles. Upon hearing her death, her betrothed faked his death and took a new identity as Enigma. He claimed that the whole thing of Jin being evil was something he created for revenge against Jin. However, when you get down to it, Enigma chased her to her death through puzzles. He leaves after telling Kaito where Raetsel and Jin are waiting, prompting the ultimate showdown. However, Raetsel seems to have things backwards if Jin was never twisted…

Raetsel appears to have figured out that she’s been being used all along on her own, and her apparent reason for fighting is gone. However, her journey in question is for a purpose other than what she’s spoken about, and that she suspects Jin is turning into someone neither of them know. The two of them end up in the puzzle together to try to save Jin in their own ways, despite the fact that everyone seems to agree that this puzzle is overflowing with evil and malice. On the other hand, Rook and Freecell are getting closer and closer to solving the scriptures they took, and are getting even more of an ominous premonition. To add to the fun, Enigma turns up and throws Jin into the puzzle, causing Jin to regain his memories and as such, he knew where to hide in the puzzle and a secret escape route, exactly like the Jin everyone knew about. Yet, at this point, the Jin nobody knew about reveals themselves as Orpheus, and since it appears Rook and Freecell found this out too, one who solved the Puzzle of God.

That escalated quickly, huh?


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