Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 14

The Destruction of Japan


Diableos I have to give credit where it’s due, especially for Samurai Flamenco. What this show does right, does it incredibly well. While it’s not necessarily good to have my emotions strung all over the place, I haven’t given up on it and I feel as if it’s worth it to experience the good episodes it provides. I usually try not to give up on shows, and when they end up having worthwhile moments, it makes me feel satisfied and somewhat proud that I opted to stick with it.

While the first half of the episode wasn’t very action-packed, it was still just as enjoyable as the second half. Hazama sent out a public broadcast to everyone in Japan, warning them of From Beyond and asking them help each other out. He also said how superheroes taught everyone valuable lessons about good and evil, right and wrong, and that everyone is a fledgling hero. There’s no denying that this was a cheesy, yet powerful speech. I found myself listening intently and leaning in while Hazama was speaking. Stressing how important each person is was a great touch, and knowing that it truly touched the hearts of every person in the show is a pleasing thought, although I can’t imagine it would go as smoothly so quickly in life. It would have interested me to see the population still in panic when From Beyond launched their attack, but it would have effectively ruined Hazama’s broadcast for me if nothing came of it. Although, I have to admit that I was half-expecting From Beyond to turn around and say they were just joking. I certainly would not put it past this show to do something like that, though I’m glad that didn’t happen.

What I am glad about is that I was right! It was a beautiful lie! Bless you, Joji, you crafty man. He didn’t specifically say that his absence was a beautiful lie, but I knew he would return, and it was an even greater arrival than I expected. Joji brought dozens of heroes with him to aid with protecting Japan, inspiring the Flamengers once again, as well as inspiring the public to fight back. I enjoyed this entire moment, watching the ridiculous monsters being outmatched and steadily defeated. The ‘Destruction of Japan Device’ that they pulled out of nowhere was a small surprise. Thinking that From Beyond would go for that didn’t occur to me, and having the extra, real sense of danger looming over the Flamengers made for some exciting action. However, the most exciting moment came from the end of the episode. The show never ceases to surprise me, and there’s no way someone could have predicted what happened. Samurai Flamenco gave us the ‘evil twin’ cliché, but I’m fine with it. It was totally unexpected and I’m hyped for the next episode. Is he an evil twin brother, or perhaps a clone? We may find out more about Hazama’s family if this evil twin is legitimately Hazama’s brother, and I can’t wait.

No one can deny that this show has some amazing cliffhangers and cheesy scenes. Samurai Flamenco knows exactly what it is and what it wants to do, and it wants to do it well. I believe this is why the show is worth watching. I don’t doubt there will be a few ridiculous episodes to come, but ridiculous and awesome are two things it does expertly as well. I suppose those are two words to essentially describe the entirety of the show, and it has come a long way. It’s not perfect, but it’s entertaining and it does make me want to keep giving it the chance to impress me. Hopefully it won’t disappoint. Gotou becoming Flamen Yellow would be the most impressive thing to happen since the start of this new arc, so let’s hope it does.


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