Some Thoughts – Super Sonico The Animation Episode 3

Sonico Goes To Okinawa

Super Sonico episode 3

meee When I think of Okinawa, I begin to picture a tropical, remote island with soft, sandy beaches as clear blue waves lap up the shore… A cloudless sky, cicadas chirp as the sun beams down  on a summer’s day. Of course, when you begin to picture that, it can mean one thing and only one thing only… Beach episode!!

… The staple accessory every single slice of life requires for it to be considered a true slice of life anime. Well… Kind of. I suppose when we hear “beach” and “Sonico” together in one sentence, you can only begin to wonder what they’d make poor, vulnerable Sonico get up to this time. Really, this whole episode is based on Sonico, Sonico, Sonico, so if you don’t like her? Well… You’re gonna hate this episode. And if you hate ridiculous and poorly executed fanservice… You’ll also hate this episode. A word of warning.

Even before the cheesy and annoying opening is even played we get a glimpse of the ridiculous photos and fanservice. Sonico has gone to Okinawa on a modelling job. I suppose last episode we did focus more on First Astronomical Velocity so I guess they’re taking it in turns so we can see what Sonico’s life is like for every job she does. That being said, even in the episode on her band we saw her doing her modelling job… So really, what could possibly be soooo interesting about being a model, besides being sent off to a luxurious tropical island? Well… Let’s find out.

When Sonico arrives in Okinawa, she’s overwhelmed with feelings of joy and excitement. And I would be too, because from pictures I’ve seen of Okinawa it does look amazing. It’s a very popular destination for Japanese tourists to visit, so I was really excited to see perhaps how White Fox adapted this picturesque island when it came to the anime. Often when anime production companies are going to take inspiration from a certain location or actually put it in their anime they’ll try and make it look exactly like the real life version. I’ll admit it was quite accurate, but I suppose we focused waaay too much of Sonico on the beach strutting around in skimpy bikinis to really take a glimpse of the island. It was ridiculous, all right. It wasn’t even a proper episode. It was literally just us watching Sonico modelling different bikinis along the beach, something we’ve seen her do before. It didn’t surprise me, though, after what we’ve seen before, I really didn’t have high hopes. There was very little storyline or entertainment in this episode (like there even was a storyline anyway).

However! There was one very… Entertaining or intriguing part to the episode, at least I thought so. When Sonico’s manager – Mr Kitamura – goes out with one of the employees that helped out at Sonico’s shoot that day, the pair both get… Very, very drunk, and just so happen to meet a boss from a talent agency who is looking for young girls to star in his program. Of course at this point you’re sitting here and already feeling suspicious of the weird man.. But no! Mr Kitamura foolishly decides to let Sonico into this program without her knowing and without knowing exactly what it would be about… Long story short… Tentacles. That’s all I’ll say.

Well, no it was a little more than that. The weird sea monster would grab ahold of Sonico and bind her body with tentacles, getting her into inappropriate and suggestive positions and the program would end with the superheroes saving poor helpless Sonico (yet again) from the beast. Well, it seemed Sonico forgot her line (“HELP ME!”) so that Mr Kitamura had to intervene and chase off the beast himself. I’ve gotta say, it was funny watching Mr Kitamura getting all angry and karate chopping the tentacle monster but… Seriously? I know that he hasn’t been able to help in the past, but he’s the boss of a professional modelling agency and he shouldn’t be so careless – drunk or not – because Sonico keeps getting into these scenarios. Yeah, it’s all well and funny at the time but it keeps happening and therefore I’m reaaally not too keen on him for that reason. He does seem pretty creepy and suspicious to me… Who is the masked man? Either way, I totally wasn’t the only one who thought he was going to confess to Sonico when he was in the car with her until she conveniently fell asleep. Well… I sure hope he wasn’t, anyway.

So yes, I believe that was the third episode of Super Sonico The Animation. It sure was interesting… NOT. Who am I kidding?! This anime is awful and they’re gonna need a miracle of some sort to rescue it. Already I’ve seen so many other bad reviews on the anime, and really, this episode isn’t improving or changing it. The only good reputation it’s got is from perverted fanboys that watch it for Sonico’s boo- Uh, the storyline, because they love her so much! But seriously, White Fox… Please can you give us a miracle just so I might be able to have something good to say about Sonico now? Thanks.


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