Some Thoughts – Super Sonico The Animation Episode 4


Super Sonico episode 4

meee Daydream: When a person zones out and stares into space letting their mind wander about events that have happened, are happening or want to happen. Most people generally tend to daydream about things they wish could happen in the future or things that would really make them happy. Coincidentally, the name of Sonico’s guitar is also called Daydream. Her guitar is the item that holds all of her hopes and dreams inside of them…

In all actual fact, this episode wasn’t all that bad in comparison to former episodes. I have to admit, there was a lot less fanservice, thankfully and a BIT more plot development, thank goodness. Unfortunately, it was still very generic and bland, but we’re getting somewhere, right? In this episode, Sonico reminisces about her middle school days and when she first began to play the guitar. I have to say, I did enjoy seeing where it all started for Sonico and where her love of playing the guitar sparked, and what inspires Sonico to play in the band. It’s not just so she can merely boast and say “I’m a model, a perfect student AND I play the guitar”, there really is much more to it.

As Sonico arrives back from Okinawa, everything is back to normal. Life goes on, as normal. However, after Sonico’s shift at her grandmother’s bar ends, she was greeted by an unexpected surprise… Thankfully it was a good surprise and not another “oh oopsy let’s expose poor Sonico-chan” again. It was a postcard from an old friend. Seeing Sonico all teary about it did not surprise me, at all. So, when she’s back home and pins the postcard to her wall, she begins to tell us the story of some of her old friends she made back in middle school. We also manage to see the flashbacks of younger Sonico in her middle school days. Not much as changed, except her boobs are a BIT smaller and her hair is shorter… Yet she is STILL wearing those headphones. Where do they even come from?! They’re too big for her head! Perhaps we’ll get a whole episode on the history of how her now deceased mother gave her these headphones which sparked her love of rock music so now they serve as a reminder of her… Actually, that wouldn’t surprise me, you know. One rainy day after school, Sonico decides to stay behind after school and wait for the rain to stop, when suddenly she hears rock music playing from not far away… She suddenly strays away from her classroom to follow where the music’s coming from, where she discovers a lone girl in the light music classroom playing the guitar, and it just so happens it’s a song that Sonico really loves, too. Already… Light music club, classroom, guitar… Yeah, sounds veryyyyy familiar, doesn’t it? I bet all the staff at Kyo-Ani practically jumped out of their seats when they noticed.

Even back in middle school, Sonico was extremely shy and anxious around people, so I suppose she felt a little intimidated when the peculiar girl was making her sing all of a sudden but… It felt like when she played the guitar, Sonico began to feel inspired and let all of her energy unleash in her singing. Although, Sonico should certainly stick to playing the guitar, really. The next day, Sonico decides to thank Tomano for letting her sing along as she played the guitar by giving her some obento. And so… A friendship is created. A special bond… Despite the fact that they were her senpais (as they were high school students), I suppose the girls saw Sonico as like their own little baby and wanted to pass on all their knowledge and teaching to Sonico, so she could pass on her love of playing the guitar to others. So… Sonico decides to join their light music club (Hey!! She really is the big breasted version of Yui Hirasawa)! Whilst Suzu seems to be a big inspiration for Sonico, Tomano seems more like an idol for Sonico, because she was the one who taught her to play the guitar and essentially brought “love” (for her guitar, though) into her life: A hobby she will always enjoy. It’s nice because by the looks of it, they really managed to bring Sonico out of her shell… Well, somewhat.

A year goes by, and Sonico appears to be getting really good at the guitar, when one day, just out of the blue, Tomano decides to give Sonico her guitar. Which seemed odd to me straight away because… She would have no guitar? I pretty much twigged right away that Tomano would probably be transferring or leaving or something (couldn’t we even guess that from the beginning of the episode anyway? Sonico really is clueless). However, Tomano tells Sonico she can only really have the guitar if she manages to learn how to play the song they first sang/played together when Sonico initially joined the light music club: “Moonlight Star”. Sonico practices and practices, but it seems that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t manage to do it. Eventually, Tomano’s moving day arrives and… Sonico rushes to return her guitar and say her final goodbyes. However, Tomano decided to let Sonico keep the guitar. It was almost like a tradition in their light music club to pass down the guitar from person to person. It was nice how they kept that very cheesy tradition, but it makes me wonder if Sonico will ever pass that guitar down one day, and who will it be?

Fate decided that Sonico and Tomano would meet again someday. The pair really were such good friends and seemed to have such a great connection, despite their age differences. Anyway, coincidentally, a few days after Sonico receives the postcard, Suzu shows Sonico the playlist for their next concert… When Sonico decides that she will finally play Moonlight Star, and practice like crazy… Do it for Tomano. No matter where she was, Sonico was determined to play that song so she could really prove to Tomano she was worthy of the guitar and to remind her of her nostalgic middle school days… Coincidentally, Tomano happens to be at that concert! When Sonico played the song, she seems so happy and alive! So much that Tomano decided to leave a message behind for Sonico… Yet… Seems too cowardly to ever talk to her again. Perhaps she was afraid Sonico would get all emotional on her again… Or that she would too?! Yeah, Tomano certainly seemed like a character that would often mask their emotions just to keep their friends happy. The song ends… And the girls continue to play on with another song… Sonico and her own band.

Well, what can I say? This episode was a lot better than the others, however very generic and something we’ve already seen too many times before. It does make me wonder though when we will actually see character development for the others, like Fuuri or Reira. Whilst we have certainly seen a bit of development for characters like Suzu and Mr Kitamura, it was still very solely based on Sonico and her side of the story, so I do hope that we can maybe shift the spotlight a little bit and so we can learn more about her. Anyway, White Fox certainly DID grant my wishes after my rant about Sonico’s trip to Okinawa, however I do feel that this anime does lack originality… I mean, really White Fox? Sonico is taught how to play the guitar after joining the light music club? Come on, if you’re gonna copy something at LEAST make it a bit more subtle like.. Change the club name or instrument or something!


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