Some Thoughts – Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren Episodes 3 & 4

“Magical Devil Girl… in Pursuit” and “Queenmaker (Innocent… Student Council Election)”

Chuunibyou Ren episode 3 and 4

meee Things are remaining calm over in the Chuunibyou Ren world, despite the entrance of a potential arch nemesis for Rikka and the endless squabbling between Sanae and Nibutani… However, everything seems peaceful, somewhat. It doesn’t make me doubt that there will be more drama to come and I’m not saying that these episodes didn’t make me laugh, oh no: Chuunibyou never fails to deliver on that factor. So… What is happening in the Chuunibyou Ren universe, then?

Magical Devil Girl in Pursuit

episode 3 s4

In this episode, our questions are answered: Who was that mysterious girl standing on Rikka and Yuuta’s apartment balcony? Shichimiya, or as she likes to call herself “Sophia”. In all honesty she was not as mischievous as I anticipated her to be, however I do feel like she is going to definitely cause some tension between Rikka and Yuuta, and maybe she will show her true colours here, who knows? What with “The Priestess” off the scene, we need another potential villain here, and it seems that Shichimiya may just be it.

Anyway, the episode starts off with… Yuuta have a rather lewd dream about him and Rikka… Well, let’s just say, Yuuta, that your perverted fantasies are never going to come true at this rate when you’re currently dating a girl with Chuunibyou and believes she can awake the Dark Flame Dragon within you. Anyway, Rikka is insistent that Yuuta wears this ridiculous t-shirt she scribbled over with a summoning circle on it because she believes this can awake the dormant dragon. As much as I love Rikka, I have to wonder when will she ever grow up and move on from her delusional dreams? It seems that she’s forever going to stay like this, and I wonder how Yuuta can put up with it all, but perhaps secretly he enjoys it all too. Anyway, Yuuta tells him that he will wear the t-shirt as long as she gets better marks than him on the next test they have (he really sounded like an onii-chan there…), and trust me, I would never doubt Rikka. She’s very competitive and stubborn, so I knew she would be determined to beat him… And she did! Only 3 marks between it though, but a bet is a bet, and she won! Although, there were a few outfit changes and alterations along the way, resulting in Yuuta changing int- I mean, transforming into a magical girl/boy! I have to admit, I was in tears of laughter at this point, and when Yuuta is exclaiming: “Everyone, come wish with me!” and Nibutani walks in! Oh my goodness… Yuuta, you have no shame! But I knew that you were always one to love dressing up in cute magical girl outfits. The best part of all is when Nibutani goes to take a photo, and Yuuta immediately slings it out a window… “Wow… A flawless parabola”. Ohhh dear…

We haven’t even reached the half way point of the episode yet and already I am questioning Yuuta’s sanity (well I questioned it in the first series anyway), but there is more to come! Rikka and Sanae seem to be the only ones who do approve of Yuuta’s girly, frilly outfit, and they even got cute Kumin to wear a magical girl outfit too (although, Yuuta looked way better, that’s for sure)! Suddenly, amongst this chaotic mess, a message was sent out to a fallen angel on the intercom. Strangely enough, Rikka knew it was for her… So she and Sanae storm off to find who this mysterious person was…

It was Sophia! The Magical Devil Girl! The two immediately commence a heated battle, and it seems that Rikka has met her match. The Priestess was strong, but it seems that Sophia is even stronger. The two battle it out in their own imaginary world (I have to admit, the animation in these battle scenes are always so amazing too, Kyo-An- I-I mean, Rikka and Shichimiya have such vivid imaginations!), and I do love it when it’ll randomly cut into reality for a bit so you can see what is actually happening. It always looks so ridiculous and funny: A nice touch by Kyo-Ani. As the pair really begin to battle it out, Yuuta manages to intervene the fight… Shichimiya? Yuuta?! What?! You two know each other?! Yes, that’s right: If you hadn’t guessed already, the two are childhood friends…

Considering Shichimiya doesn’t attend this school, Yuuta is forced to take her home… Leaving Rikka alone, confused and a little bit envious. I suppose she felt a little bit jealous because suddenly Shichimiya has arrived and disrupted the peace between the couple and it seems that the pair have a longer history considering they’ve known each other since middle school, so maybe she feels a little bit jealous because there is someone out there who may be closer to Yuuta than her. I’m not sure, but because poor Rikka has trouble conveying her emotions, she must feel pretty upset the fact that Shichimiya has come along and cozies up with Yuuta. Because of this, Rikka initiates a test battle with Magical Devil Girl Kumin, although it seems Kumin still needs to learn how to utilize effective battle tactics… She was a rather easy defeat.

Yuuta only decides to create even more tension by inviting Shichimiya over for dinner too, and looking at poor Rikka’s face, she seemed so upset and jealous. The pair begin to talk and Shichimiya seems so happy that Yuuta has found someone he loves: Being Rikka! Although, was it just a cover up? Does she like Yuuta too? Who knows, but when Shichimiya says her rushed goodbyes she gives Yuuta the usual “nose-touch” (this is the only way I can describe it, really…), that they used to greet each other with whenever they met or were leaving. Poor Rikka’s face… She’s never been so close to Yuuta before! Of course, Yuuta knew what was coming, and decides to give Shichimiya a warning: No more being clingy, Yuuta’s got Rikka! Does this mean that perhaps there is more of a past between the pair than we first imagined? Who knows? I still have a lot of questions and I’m very curious about Shichimiya and Yuuta’s relationship and past, but only time will tell. The episode ends though, as Yuuta and Rikka give each other a little nose-touch too… Come on! Stop teasing us!! Why won’t you two kiss already!? Ahh…

“Queenmaker (Innocent… Student Council Election)”

episode 4 s4

Moving on from the chaos that Shichimiya’s entrance has caused, Kyo-Ani decided to dedicate this week’s episode towards the relationship between Sanae and Nibutani. The episode starts off with Nibutani narrating her day to day life. It seems that she has a big dream she’d like to achieve: To be a part of the student council. Of course, to be a member of the council, you must be a popular, helpful, well-mannered pupil of your school, but it seems that Nibutani being a “member” of the “Far Eastern Magical Society”, or whatever it is actually named now, isn’t really giving her a good reputation, and that’s mainly thanks to Sanae. Since day one, the pair have never actually gotten along. I think it’s probably because Nibutani is very elegant and lady-like, always wants to leave good impressions and likes being in charge so she can change things for the better: Hence why she wants to be a member of the student council. Sanae’s also very similar: Despite being Rikka’s servant, she can be very bossy at times and wants to always get everyone to join in on Rikka and Sanae’s adventures. So, I suppose the two do clash a lot… So perhaps Nibutani campaign to become a member of the student council will not be as easy as she first imagined.

When Nibutani meets Shichimiya, it appears that the pair are both well acquainted too! Back in middle school, the pair would often dream and live in their Chuunibyou worlds and actually seemed to be good friends. However, Nibutani has well moved on from that now… Before, Sanae was skeptical that Nibutani was the real “Mori Summer” that she claimed to be (or rather tried to hide away), but now… Knowing that she really was, became fascinated and wanted to learn more about all of Mori Summer’s adventures. But, Nibutani just wants to forget about it, and having Sanae knowing that she really was Mori Summer really isn’t going to help with her campaign. Despite the fact the pair really seem to clash all the time, I think they both could be really good friends in the end. Yes, sure they both clash a lot because they’re both very similar, but if they worked together they could probably make a really good team… And we saw that this episode. I suppose Nibutani blackmailed Sanae into making sure that if Sanae dared revealed Nibutani’s true self, something bad would happen… I’m not sure what it would be, but trust me, I would not want to get on the wrong side of Nibutani, that’s for sure. She may seem overly nice and lady-like and kind, but I bet she can be a real villain when she needs to be.

So, Sanae and Nibutani work together on Nibutani’s campaign to become a part of the student council. And it’s working, it really is. Of course, I knew it wouldn’t last forever: The two are arch enemies, like Shichimiya and Rikka, so how could they ever get along for this long… Well, god knows. But I knew that things wouldn’t be as peaceful as this forever. Nibutani invites Sanae over to her house, and Sanae is completely wowed: “Wow!! This is where the real Mori Summer lives!”. It’s almost like Sanae thinks that Nibutani is her idol! And I can believe that, actually. Maybe she idolizes Nibutani because she’s a good student or because she’s always so kind to everyone… Or maybe because her adventures as Mori Summer were always so inspiring… Yep, probably the latter. Sanae’s really been trying hard to help out Nibutani, so much so she had to reject some of Rikka’s Chuunibyou invitations, leaving Yuuta to deal with them. So as I said, I really do believe they could become good friends but… I knew that it wasn’t going to last long. When Sanae offers Nibutani some cookies she made (OF HER FACE…), Nibutani feels that she can only repay the favour and let Sanae meet the true Mori Summer she has always been obsessed with… Sanae is in tears (noo, please don’t do this to my poor heart, not after the last series ;w;)… She begs to take a photo, and Nibuta- I mean, Mori Summer gives in, and now feels like the pair really have connected and… Could perhaps really be good friends.

Well, no. No. This IS Sanae, we’re talking about. So, when Sanae tells Nibutani she’s made a few adjustments to the speech she will give to the school when supporting Nibutani’s student council campaign… Well… It was too predictable, but let’s say it ends with the photo of the angelic looking Mori Summer on a large screen and Nibutani fainting and dying internally… Yeah. I don’t think Nibutani will ever recover from the embarrassment she felt that day. So, the pair will never seem to be friends in the end… But really, I can’t wait to see how Nibutani gets her payback on Sanae: Their fighting and endless arguments are always so entertaining.


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