Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 16

Wandering Hero


Diableos So I have to assume our disappointment with the new OP animation was heard, because we’ve just been given a new one. On the plus side, it doesn’t recycle scenes from earlier episodes, but there’s not much to it and it’s somewhat plain. I think I prefer it to the version we just had, although this one doesn’t do the episode any nice justice, and it was a good episode!

It seems like some of the Flamengers are handling the entire situation better than the others. I wonder if they or any other heroes will break out. I’d probably be angry and restless if I was in their situation, and thankfully I’m not! Speaking of angry, that’s exactly how Mari Maya and co. were. We finally got to see them talking to one another, although I suppose it was more shouting than talking. I ended up feeling really bad for Moe and Mizuki. I’m not their biggest fan, but those two don’t deserve treatment like that, though Mari is a different story… Thankfully, they did all make up in the end. I’m not sure if I’m fond of the way they make up. It was humorous, albeit disgusting because they weren’t exactly… clean when it happened. Because they’ve finally cheered up, I’m hoping that they’ll all be eager to help Hazama out. It’s difficult to say if they will for sure or not. It’s entirely possible they’ll just show up a few times without doing anything productive. Even if they don’t help out as the Flamenco Girls, I’m sure there’s something they can do instead. Gotou may well be able to convince them to do something, and I hope he does because Hazama will need all the help he can get.

Friendly homeless guys are also helping Hazama out. Granted, the homeless guy in question was partially blind, but he still helped Hazama all the same. It felt really good to see such kindness, as well as the fact that not everyone is standing against Hazama. It’s great to see things like this during the more serious parts of the show. What makes it even better is that Hazama had helped this same guy out earlier in his hero career, and ended up inspiring him! So much so that the homeless guy changed his outlook on the world and began helping others in need. I don’t know if I can stress just how touching that is. I’m positive something like this could legitimately happen for real. Of course, it’d probably be a kind, brave person saving an old man instead of a superhero, but my point stands! In the end, this kind man inspired Hazama and gave him hope as well. I’m very happy about it because now Hazama’s doing the right thing, and I’m also expecting to see a lot more of Gotou again in the upcoming episodes. Hopefully there will be a little more action and fighting back against the government next time, though they will probably just prepare for it. Either way, I know I’m going to enjoy what happens next. I’m glad it’s back on the more realistic track… for now.

I’m hopeful that Hazama and Gotou will possibly try to come up with a plan about dealing with the government. I could see the Flamenco Girls chipping in, yet I can also see them staying out of it. Harazuka might have invented some new stationery equipment for Hazama to use. I don’t know how Hazama will deal with many situations without any equipment, considering it probably isn’t possible for him to return to the Flamengers’ base at this point. Perhaps we’ll find out why exactly the government is doing all of this without any real conflict? It seems that doing this just for approval ratings is a little overboard, but going overboard is a common theme in this show. I feel like part of the government’s plan was to hide the Flamengers away before From Beyond attacked, then to take credit for defeating them, or even using it as an excuse to frame the Flamengers. Of course, that didn’t go how they wanted it to and has resulted in the current events. I still firmly believe the prime minister himself is the sole person responsible. I’m so excited to find out the answers!


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 16

    • Really? I wasn’t aware of that, but oh well! I suppose the new one is better than recycled scenes, though the first OP animation was easily the best. I wouldn’t mind if we had that the entire time.

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