Some Thoughts – Super Sonico: The Animation Episode 5

New World

Super Sonico episode 5

meee“New World”? … Well, this episode was certainly anything but “new”: It’s pretty much the same recipe that White Fox seem to follow for all of these Super Sonico episodes and it’s becoming rather repetitive if anything. I want something to rant or moan about or some kind of hope to cling onto that might make me actually believe this anime has potential, and quite frankly, White Fox are denying me of my wishes. Sonico is supposed to have a busy and exciting life, but I’m really thinking otherwise now.

In this week’s episode, White Fox treated us all to an exclusive insight on what the popular and attractive Super Sonico’s life is like. It really was nothing we haven’t seen before. Thankfully though, there weren’t any scenes in which I actually wanted to cry real tears because the anime was frustrating me so much. It was mediocre, repetitive and quite frankly… Boring. Normally whenever I watch a Super Sonico episode I am really critical and picky about it but really, I do not have much to say at all, because nothing even happened! There’s not even a storyline in place for this failure of an anime and we’re nearly half way through, which makes me think that the future episodes we have to come are just going to be the exact same. I really hope not, and I hope they manage to rescue this anime and at least manage to make it enjoyable to watch, but I suppose they’re only doing that for the money: Fanservice, fanservice and… wait… More fanservice! Well, they sure didn’t feed the fans this week because there was very little fanservice: If any at all. I suppose everyone has a reason to want to hate this anime now.

We start off this week in a magazine office in Sonico’s hometown, with random people we have never met before and have no relevance to the storyline or plot (NOT THAT THERE IS ANY, ANYWAY) trying to think up a good article for this week’s issue of the magazine. Oh, let’s interview Sonico! No wait! Let’s photograph and shadow her everyday life and see what life is like for a young model! … Great idea. I can completely empathize with how the journalist Sayaka is feeling at this point in time when she finds out she has to cover Sonico’s day-to-day life for a stupid article: Why? There’s really nothing that much interesting about Sonico’s life. We’ve seen it in every single episode: We’ve seen what her work/modelling job is like, we’ve seen what life is like in her band, we’ve seen her day to day life in THE FIRST EPISODE, we’ve had backstory on what her past was like and how she got into rock music, etc. Why do we need to see it again? Why would people even want to read about her? Just because she’s attractive, that’s literally the only reason and that is LITERALLY the only reason the editor chose to have an article about her. Ah… How shallow.

Either way, we can take a sigh of relief before we start to become sick and tired of Sonico’s face, because in this episode we do learn more about this Sayaka girl and her life. It’s quite nice to take a break from just seeing Sonico, but I don’t see the point in spending a lot of time focusing just on this journalist. Yes, she is going to play a fairly big role in this episode but she will probably never appear in latter episodes so what’s even the point? We should focus more on characters like Fuuri who we really know nothing about because she will play a more important role hopefully later on in the “story”. Anyway, it turns out Sayaka’s a big fan of writing and spent a lot of her free-time writing novels. When Sayaka meets up with an old friend called Yuuko at a bar, Sayaka begins to open up about how she’s “given up” on writing novels because she feels that she just isn’t talented enough for it. Of course there must be some deeper reason for it but seeing as she’s only going to be in this one episode, I won’t question it. Eventually, the drunken duo decide to call it a night, and Yuuko helps Sayaka home. As Yuuko walks into Sayaka’s home, she sees her room filled with crumpled up pieces of paper strewn about everywhere. It seems Sayaka still has some kind of hope deep down inside that she could get somewhere in life with her novels, but just can’t seem to believe in it. Of course, our wonderful Super Sonico is here to save the day, because she’s simply so smart and full of wisdom!

Sayaka’s first day of working with Sonico has arrived, and she soon realizes how… Boring her life actually is. Things seem to be so swimmingly for her: She’s a perfect student, has lots of friends, enjoys her job and has not a single care in the world. There’s no action or excitement in Sonico’s life because in reality, no one cares about her, just like Sayaka said. I don’t really know why she said that though considering Sonico’s so popular being in the band and being a model and all, so it contradicts itself in an essence. When Sayaka joins Sonico at her studio to watch her modelling, she becomes curious as to why Sonico took up the modelling job. It turns our Sonico only took up modelling because her father’s friend suggested it to her, and Sonico saw it as being the first step to becoming independent. Of course, we can see it has worked wonders because the shy and clumsy Sonico we always see is completely different when modelling because she has such confidence even when she’s wearing such provocative outfits… So I really do like the fact she’s doing it for herself as it can make her feel more independent and confident.

When Sayaka asks what Sonico’s dream in life is, suddenly we’re reunited with First Astronomical Velocity: Sonico’s dream is Daydream, her guitar! Which… Doesn’t make much sense, but let’s go with what happened last episode and kind of just assume that Sonico’s dream and goal in life is to make and compose rock music with her friends in the band. Sayaka interviews Fuuri and Suzu, asking what they think of Sonico. Despite the fact that “no one cares about Sonico”, it seems that this really doesn’t bother the carefree model at all; She has her friends who love her and her music, so she doesn’t need to worry about the people who don’t care about her or insult her (as we saw at the beginning of the episode when the girl looking at the photos of her in the magazine said that her “boobs were too big”, and yes, let’s face it, they’re not even realistic, but it’s anime so let’s just not act surprised: Remember the whole heated debate about the boys in Free and their muscles? You just accept it, so why couldn’t that girl just accept it too?!) because she will carry on doing what she loves. And it seems that Sayaka was really hit by that. I’m guessing that Sayaka had a lot of people who were critical of her writing and weren’t very supportive of it which basically knocked her confidence massively, so… It does make me feel a little sad for her, but at the same time, I suppose she’s really learned from Sonico.

… And basically, my predictions were correct. Whilst Sonico takes a bath back home after a busy day (fanservice time!), Sayaka talks to Sonico about her dream and being in the band and decides to take a leaf out of her book. Sayaka is grateful that Sonico gave her some of her “power”, and so the episode ends… With a rather… Odd music video. Anyway, it’s nice to see the episode end on such a light note and I’m glad that Sonico managed to help out Sayaka, but really… It was a boring episode to watch. I suppose I’m not too surprised and I’m still praying that it will get better, but I won’t get my hopes up. What I do really hope that White Fox do is stop focusing on Sonico and/or irrelevant characters and actually manage to put others in the limelight for once.


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