Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 17

Ultimate Prime Minister


Diableos Another great episode shows itself and I loved it. It was exciting and intense. Those two words alone describe this episode perfectly. It’s certainly not without its faults, as this is Samurai Flamenco we’re talking about here, but this is easily one of the best episodes of the entire series and I urge you to watch it this instant if you haven’t done so already.

We were finally given a whole load of Gotou, and what’s even better about what we were given is that he was just plain awesome. Not that he isn’t all the time, but dang. Gotou is seriously amazing when he’s in the zone like that. He really needs to team up with Hazama more often. They make one of the most amazing duos ever! One of the reasons Gotou was so incredible was thanks to his contact with Harazuka. It turns out he had still been developing new equipment for Hazama to use at a later date, and ended up loaning some of it to Gotou to put a plan into motion. It was a really nice surprise to find out they had worked together to save Hazama and that Harazuka hadn’t just given up on everything after the Flamengers appeared. I’m hoping that we will be seeing more of this teamwork later. It’s simply entertaining to see them working together and watching it all work so well! Another positive about Harazuka keeping up with his work is that Hazama received a new suit, and it’s great. It’s so close to being identical to what he was wearing in the first OP animation and I’m starting to hope it will get to that point again!

Part of the plan was to take down the prime minister once they had Hazama back with them, which was instantly put into motion when he returned. Again, the entire thing was simply amazing. The fact that the old characters were banding together was great, and I felt so pumped up. The reunited Flamenco Girls even showed up to lend a hand! I desperately wanted them to beat the prime minister… although, he had a surprise of his own. I originally thought he may have been an android, and I suppose I was on the right track. Naturally, he had his own power suit, powered by his level of support. I was not expecting that to suddenly be thrown out there, but it did make for a great fight. Akira ended up filming and streaming the entire thing. I couldn’t help but wonder why the prime minister’s support didn’t fall sooner if Akira was streaming from the start, though I guess it wasn’t important in the end. However… it turns out the prime minister wasn’t exactly the true villain in this situation. Sure, he wasn’t being the world’s most honest man, but he was essentially doing it for a good cause. I really didn’t want what happened to actually happen, but it did and warrants discussion. Aliens. Legitimate aliens this time, as opposed to the fake ones the government created. It sucks because I loved Mr. Justice and he ended up being the alien. The true villain. I don’t even know. Samurai Flamenco fighting aliens has potential, but it could be utterly disappointing and boring as well. I first thought the last few moments with this totally ruined the episode. I’m not going to let aliens ruin it for me, and that is why I still believe this was one of the best episodes.

Granted, it is a shame that it couldn’t have been someone else that was the alien… or just something else entirely. If the prime minister escaped and had a back-up plan, I think it would have been far better. The fight between the two of them was fantastic, but it felt a little short. The ridiculous parts of the show have managed to have serious tones at times, so I am curious to see whether this alien thing will work out nicely. It’s entirely possible, although the most important question on my mind now is what’s so important about ‘Flamenco’? Why is everyone and everything ‘Flamenco’ now? Why is it so significant? With some luck, we’ll find out next episode, yet I have a feeling the answers won’t come out so quickly. Hopefully these last episodes will be entertaining, but once again, this whole alien thing could be amazing or just lackluster.

“What? Is this really happening?”


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