Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 18

Flamenco in Space


Diableos Here it is, the episode we’ve been waiting for after the one week break. We’ve been waiting to see Samurai Flamenco in space and… that is exactly what we were given. ‘Flamenco in Space’ is an extremely appropriate title for this episode, however, this was not the space episode I was imagining. Fortunately, I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing at all!

So the episode begins immediately from where the previous one ended, with the group together, staring up at Alien Flamenco’s spaceship. It’s a pretty cool, bright ship that he has there, and he’s got plenty of neat tricks up his non-existent sleeve as well. I have to admit, his home planet actually looks like an incredibly tranquil place to live. Besides his awesome power of being able to send images directly to someone’s brain to create illusions, nothing will beat his proficiency in the English language. I can’t think of many characters who would speak English so often. Moe is the only other character in this show who has said something in English, and even though she was great at it, it doesn’t come close to Alien Flamenco. Naturally, after the discussion between Hazama and Alien Flamenco turns sour, a fight ensues! Alien Flamenco became gargantuan and Hazama used the odd, spherical device Alien Flamenco handed to him to increase in size and break out of the spaceship. Yes, this is the very literal meaning of the title. Both Flamencos are now in space. Now the real fight begins… and it’s over. After a little confidence boost, Hazama punched Alien Flamenco and sent him soaring through space. How anticlimactic. It was over sooner than the fight with the prime minister, though the upgraded suit Hazama was wearing was amazing. I’m confident it was the suit that he was wearing in the first OP, and I really hope he has to use it again!

Hazama collapsed after defeating Alien Flamenco, and woke up… somewhere. This is where things get very confusing. A god-like character showed itself to Hazama and began conversing with him, explaining how and why all these odd things happened. Even with the explanation, I’m still stumped. There are parallel universes, wishes being granted, and total craziness. We’re effectively told that because Hazama wanted certain things to happen in his life, they happened. Why is that? What’s the deal with this? The word ‘flamenco’ has an incredibly low chance of granting a wish. Looks like Hazama lucked out. It’s certainly an interesting way to explain the events that unfolded. I suppose this means no more aliens or ridiculous monsters. It’s somewhat of an abrupt end to all of that, and I have no idea what will be next. I was not expecting the space thing to end so quickly. Was this an illusion too? I doubt it, but what’s going to happen without any bad guys? I can’t imagine stopping petty criminals would be enjoyable after saving the entire country. There’s just no way everything will become calm and happy now… right? Somebody, please tell me there’s still hope for giant robots here.

I’m just perplexed at this situation. King Torture and From Beyond were real beings, but the government was behind it, yet Alien Flamenco was the one that gave them their powers? It all seems so silly, especially when we’re supposed to believe all of this happened because Hazama wanted it to. It doesn’t seem right. I feel like there’s one more thing we’re missing and I can’t figure out what it is. Hopefully there will be a more detailed explanation, although I honestly believe this is the best we’re going to get. Whether there is or not, I’m very eager to see what will fill the final episodes. It’s a shame Alien Flamenco’s English won’t fill those episodes. I’ll miss it dearly.

“Sit down.”


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