Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 19

The Quiet Life


Diableos So here’s the peace and quiet. The title of the episode is once again appropriate for what’s happening. Everything has settled down now and all of our characters are getting on with their quiet lives! Things have changed for them, of course, but there are no more aliens and this peaceful tone is very enjoyable to me.

Although, I do have to say that actually realising there are no more monsters makes the show seem a little… dull. Thankfully that’s not really the case! While it did feel dull at first, I came to greatly enjoy it. I started feeling connected to the characters again, just as I did at the start of the show and it was wonderful. Gotou was planning to have a date with his girlfriend and I shared Hazama’s excitement and happiness upon hearing that! It’s nice to see these characters smiling again, it truly is. Perhaps I’ve made myself far too invested in them, but it’s a pleasant sight. Hazama and his manager seem like they’ve getting along nicely as well! The moment they started talking to each other in this episode, I wanted them to become an item, which even ended up being echoed by none other than Mari Maya! I never thought I would be happy with anything she said, yet here I am. However, she was not happy to hear about Gotou’s date, as expected, but I wouldn’t have thought she would want to stalk him to meet his girlfriend. Hazama commented about her being the last source of evil left in the world and I wholeheartedly agree… but the fact she managed to find out where Gotou lives is also commendable.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect. Without any aliens or monsters to fight, there’s no need for our characters to spend a lot of time together. Everyone is far too busy dealing with their own lives and problems, but I suppose everyone has to say goodbye someday. Something that our beloved Gotou could learn. Just thinking about it again is enough to make my heart ache. It wasn’t a total surprise to me, considering many people had speculated this may have been the case, but it was still so effective. It turns out that all this time, Gotou’s girlfriend wasn’t real. He did have one, yet sadly she went missing many years ago and he never fully recovered from that. His way of coping with the pain was to send himself emails, acting as if his girlfriend had sent them. What’s so incredible about this is the fact it could happen for real. It’s possible there are many people dealing with similar situations this moment! Not to mention the fact Gotou is such a lovely character. It hurts to know he had to deal with such pain, yet was still willing to help Hazama when he needed him. Honestly, it’s so touching to see a plausible event like that occurring in this show. I was at a loss for words whilst I was watching, and all I can do now is feel sorry for him. I shared a lot of reactions with Hazama throughout this episode, especially at the end. It was bound to happen. Evil does still exist, apparently in the form of a child this time. He mimicked what Hazama said at the start of his superhero career, but I don’t even recognise him. Did that child appear at some point in the show? I want to watch the first few episodes to find out, but I also want to keep that suspense. Who is he, why did he copy what Hazama said, and why was there an explosion?

Admittedly, I would’ve liked it if the episode ended before that cliffhanger. Not that I’m not looking forward to the next episode, but after watching this one I would’ve been happy for things to stay quiet. It would’ve been nice to see the characters dealing with their own evils and ordeals, just like Gotou. The Flamengers would’ve been able to appear and develop into interesting characters, too. I’m not against some more action to finish the show off at all. I’m sure it has the potential to make the last episodes shine, but I was content with the slower pace to focus on the characters. I’m hoping we’ll be seeing some realistic evil emerging, considering there should no longer be any alien influence. I want this series to end on a high note, I really do.


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