Some Thoughts – Golden Time Episode 16

Wake Up Call


AlexSo we had that immensly strange curse last time, and that all ended in everyone falling asleep at the wheel; even if it’s realistic it was done incredibly suspiciously, not to mention the stuff with Ghost Banri.

It takes quite a dark and serious turn at the start here, as Koko’s confidence takes an immensly heavy knock from the incident, and when she returns home, her father smacks her off her feet…literally. She falls out of contact with everyone for a while, and obviously, Banri gets disheartened over it. It takes a loving threat from the scary Nana to get Banri back in gear, as he summons the four together again. Nobody really has any idea what to do, but they give Banri her address and sent him off.

Despite impressions, her father ends up being relatively nice about the whole situation, and the one who’s overreacting is Koko, shutting herself away and saying that she can’t do it. It’s just another sign of how messed up and insecure the girl is, as nobody was seriously hurt. The only thing that happened is that people were scared and freaked out. We move onto a situation where Banri preaches to Koko about starting over and leaving things behind, and he probably doesn’t even notice that he’s being such a hypocrite until Koko loses her temper with him. She finally says what everyone’s been thinking, and that Banri’s acting like a complete ass about forgetting and moving on.

Yet they still manage to hug and make up and all that, until Koko’s dad appears at the door demanding someone cooks him lunch, so…Banri cooks lunch for her father until she calms down. uh.Yep, it doesn’t get any better…I don’t really have time to cover this show if it’s going to continue being so mediocre.


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