Some Thoughts – Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 Episodes 22 and 23

That’s Why You Must Not Hestitate
The Two of Us


AlexSo, the finale of three seasons worth of build up and character development, or, in other words, about 70 episodes down the line we hit the ending. Episode 70 itself was the first for this series in a pretty shocking way, and things won’t be the same moving forwards.

I mean, we still have Freecell in our list of white haired baddies, but Rook was easily the better one, and the better developed one. It was a fitting end, albit an unexpected one. However, the four survivors must become the ultimate two who will challenge the puzzle of god. First, though, Kaito’s incredibly shaken up by this event, which provokes the anger of Gyammon and Freecell. Raetsel appears at the duel, complete with a new personality and outfit with payments given to the armlet.

Now that this show has shown that it’s willing to kill of its characters, this four-way battle royale suddenly has new meaning. Raetsel is first to the goal, thanks to the armlet. Explosions going on all over, Freecell is next to lose. He gets locked into place and is unable to move. However, Gyammon falls next, taken down by exploding rubble from the ship.

It was a really fitting conclusion for the two of them, sadly, with Gyammon doing what he does best yet falling at the final hurdle, but not being sore or angry over it, but showing his own angry way to care about Kaito. Freecell…well, we’ve had less time to get to know him, which is why he’s had so much focus this season, but he was a softer, innocent version of Rook, and after seeing all his stuff about changing the past and protecting Kaito, I can sort of identify his feelings. He went out fighting, thankfully, but…well, all three deaths that’ve occured here do leave that sad, aching sensation in your heart. However, is it going to do the right thing and not just undo their deaths?

Just like Orpheus thought, Kaito and Raetsel will be the two to challenge the puzzle, and one will become the new Orpheus. This episode…it’s the night before the final puzzle.

Cubic, Anna and Jigukawa turn up to see Kaito shutting Nonoha and Antoinette out. However, it does what I expected, and says that Freecell and Gyammon got rescued at the last minute by a hidden vessal from the principal. He also claims that Rook is operating on his own, but it turns out that it’s all a lie. The three of them haven’t been found, but the lies were needed to help everyone on the supporting side of things. That said, when the supporting team turn up with cheer-up-cookies, Kaito’s vanished from his room with Raetsel.

Raetsel’s got some pretty harsh words for him, too. Though masked under the harshness, there’s a caring spirit involved, and I think she actually does want to help Kaito, even though she plans to kill him. It’s a happy evening for Kaito and Raetsel, and Raetsel seems to hit some sort of revelation within herself, leaving the cat broach behind and shattering the armlet. However, it’s time for the puzzle of god to start, and all friendships are put aside. It’s a classic territory puzzle, through time and space to become a god.


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