Some Thoughts – Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 – To the Final Arc

Become a Phi Brain
I Don’t Have to Solve Puzzles
Because You Were Watching
Cheers to the 100-Star Jin
Kaito, You Lose


AlexWith Jin turning into Orpheus at the end of the third quarter, the fourth one looks to have world destruction back on the cards. On top of being superpowered, Orpheus can also employ tricks of the mind to fool people into seeing visions. Though for a supervillain, he sure makes a very quick escape with Enigma, after tempting him with visions, which could be taken to be flaunting his own power around…or that it’s just lazy scriptwriting.

Back at the homebase, Rook and Freecell have things figured out, with explanations behind the armlets and how this “god” has come back to life, with the Puzzle of God and the Writing of God getting their own explanations. The sole conclusion is that the entire system of a Phi Brain is a scam designed to revive Orpheus, and the warnings are given down – if Orpheus finishes powering up, or in other words, becomes a full Phi Brain, then the world will end through an apocalyptic turn.

Basically, anyone else can become the host body if they become close enough, and Raetsel jumps at the chance…with Kaito and his group displaying their idiocy. Rook and the adults say that doing what Orpheus says and getting a new host body is a bad idea, which obviously results in high tensions between everyone. Freecell comes out with the suggestion to beat Orpheus to the goal, and become fully powered up first. Freecell pulls some strings, and himself, Kaito and Nonoha end up going against Rook’s orders and borrowing Melancholy’s jet to go find Orpheus. That said, they seem to be forgetting that Orpheus can see the future, and would know ahead of time what they’re doing. Upon arrival, they all suffer a mental assault from Orpheus.

Orpheus does this by showing everyone how their pasts could change if they did what he said, with Kaito’s parents not dying back from the first season, Freecell’s mother being saved from the second season, and Nonoha changing her relationship with Kaito. It’s similar to making a pact with the devil, as Orpheus shows temptation after temptation…until Nonoha gets sick of seeing it. She acts as both the voice of reason and the classic “don’t change the past because today is perfect” voice. Rejecting Orpheus’s offer to change the past, they overcome his mental attack on arrive back at the airport. However, breaking Orpheus’s vision just attracted more attention from Orpheus, of whom is facing a problem with Jin’s body. With Gyammon heading to Orpheus too, and the Kaito/Freecell/Nonoha trio arriving at the trial, Orpheus may be getting exactly what he wants after all.

Raetsel meets Gyammon and his partner, Elena, who take the idea of being predicted more in their stride than the others. The time comes for Orpheus to play Gyammon how he wants things to work out, baiting him with Elena and the Orpheus Armlet. With Elena’s help, he sees through the traps of the puzzle and clears it just in time, recieving the armlet and the power that goes with it, and then shatters said armlet.This gives Gyammon the qualifications to see the future, too, but he sees a slightly different one…

I suppose that I shouldn’t instinctively assume that a hooded figure in the grainy future means that Jin’s there, since Gyammon’s seen a new future now. So…who’s the second person with Kaito?

Well, there’s no suspense or drama about it. It’s Raetsel, and she sets off to get an Orpheus Armlet for herself to wear. However, the moment her puzzle starts, she runs into a memory of her with Jin, which tempts her into changing the past.

Thankfully, the only people who are still stuck in reality are Nonoha and Rook, with the former finding the scenario surreal and the latter trying to figure out Orpheus’s plan. Rook is constantly the voice of reason in this show, and his composure doesn’t break even when shown an altered memory of the past. However, after seeing this, he figures something out and leaves.

With Raetsel’s armlet in tow, the only child of the Phi Brain left to make a move is Rook, with Gyammon, Freecell and Raetsel being approved as suitable vessals. Rook is second only to Kaito, considering that back in the first season he almost got the scriptures of god, but from the start he’s been the resistant force to becoming a Phi Brain. Upon Rook’s request, Melancholy gets involved again, flying Anna and Cubic to meet the members of the Orpheus Order to study the man himself.

Out of nowhere, Rook suddenly challenges Kaito to a duel, it suddenly becomes clear pretty quickly that he’s put an armlet on aswell. With Rook completely out of it, the others find out what Orpheus is after, and that is to overcome the gods and be the last human left alive. That said, the end of the puzzle showdown between Rook and Kaito takes a surprising turn, as we actually have our first character death occur. It was really…well, shocking and sudden. Where is this going to lead to?



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