Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 21

Teaching Love


Diableos We’ve reached the penultimate episode. More excitement and entertainment was given to us and it was great. I can’t say I was on the edge of my seat like I was last week, but it certainly had some intense moments, and I have to give credit where it’s due.

So we started off with an MMM concert and it looked like it would’ve been a blast to have actually been there. Naturally, not everything has gone as planned for those close to Hazama since the totally crazy Haiji appeared, and thus it came as no surprise that something would happen to the Flamenco Girls. Poor Moe and Mizuki collapsed just as the concert was about to begin. I do wish that it wasn’t so obvious why they did, though. Moments before they ran to the stage, a member of the crew interrupted Mari seconds before she drank her coffee, followed by a close-up of her coffee cup. I didn’t want a mystery made of it, but I feel that the close-up just made it far too obvious. As soon as it happened, I knew there was a problem with the coffee. It wasn’t  a huge issue, just a minor thing that bugged me. However, the bigger problem was Hazama’s reaction to what happened to the girls. I’m not saying it was a bad moment in the episode, not by any means, but Hazama was contemplating suicide… and it was awful to see him even considering that. He figured Haiji would stop if he was out of the picture. During that moment, I was genuinely worried the series was going to end with Hazama’s suicide in an attempt to stop Haiji. Relief swiftly came by when his manager called him to go to the hospital to visit Joji.

Speaking of Joji, I think it’s great how he’s basically an amazing human in every way. It’s so stupid yet so great. He recovered ridiculously quickly, and he saw and heard Haiji before being hit by that truck. I’m very glad he did because this proves that Haiji is real. Hazama wasn’t going crazy, so that’s another worry off my shoulders. During the discussion, Joji told Hazama that he needs to learn to love. Unfortunately, he’s been obsessed with superheroes his entire life and is unsure on what love even feels like. Queue his manager! While leaving, Hazama refused to talk to her about what was wrong and that just wouldn’t sit right with her. She immediately managed to convince him to open up, and then had to explain to Hazama what love was. It’s sad that he doesn’t have a clue what it feels like, but I was so giddy seeing Ishihara explaining love to him. I completely agree Ishihara’s explanation of love and how it can lead to obsession, or even anger and hatred. I also agree that Hazama needs to learn to love. Learn to love his manager, that is! I will be very disappointed if they don’t realise a relationship could definitely work between them. I’m dying to see that because it’d be incredible and simply adorable. Effectively the complete opposite to Haiji. He’s just awful and insane. He didn’t care about anything, not even his parents! He has caused so much pain and misery, and worst of all, he stole Gotou’s phone. It’s the one thing Gotou surely can’t live without… and Haiji even kidnapped him to top it off. He’s holding him hostage at Hazama’s ruined apartment at gunpoint, with the episode ending with a gun shot. I refuse to believe that he harmed Gotou. It’s not possible. I’m sure something else caused the noise, or Haiji intentionally missed his shot. I’m eagerly waiting to find out that I’m right.

What a cliffhanger that was. It works for so many reasons, and it worries me about what might happen in the last episode. I hope I’m right, although I can’t help but wonder what Hazama’s reaction would be if Gotou died. Would he break down? Would he go into a blind rage? Perhaps he’d simply admit defeat. Hopefully he would stay strong and hold on to the courage to defeat Haiji. With any luck, Gotou will be fine and forgive Hazama after he saves him. I can’t stress how badly I want Gotou to live. They’re easily the two best characters in the show and I sincerely want a happy ending for the both of them. Admittedly, seeing the Flamengers and Joji’s wife at the hospital was nice. Honestly, I’d like the Flamengers a lot more if there were more scenes just like that, but the original characters are still the best and I want the best for them. I want a happy and exciting conclusion to all of this, and if you ask me, it seems like this series wants to go out with a bang. Sorry, Gotou.


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