Review: Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 3

Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Season 3


AlexI’ve really enjoyed myself over the past three seasons with this show, as it boasts a huge amount of things which it does right and only really fails to do a few things. However, as much as I love this series, I find it near impossible to give it a high score.

Season 1 focused on Kaito, our main character, and Rook, the villain from that season. The two of them came close to solving something called the Puzzle of God, which is said to grant divine knowledge on whomever solves it. Season 2 then focused on the characters around Kaito, Rook, and the new villain, Freecell. This season was near perfect, due to the way it handled the cast of villains and the concept of brainwashing and mind corruption. The pscyopathic Freecell was also an incredible character, second only to Rook, although he did have all new development as he redeemed himself.

The third season, this season, attempts to tie the knots that were left behind, and does this in both an excellent way and a clumsy way. Jin, Kaito’s teacher, has lost his memory due to events from Season 1, and a new villain, a female named Raetsel arrives on the scene claiming that she knows Jin better than Kaito. Things get a little strange from here on, as it focuses more on filling episodes with pointless details and giving the side-side characters some extra time to develop. Nice touch, but ultimatly, uncessary. Things then kick off around the halfway point, where a journey around the world occurs, and this allows Kaito’s friends to develop further, solving puzzles and trying to help him. Again, it’s a nice touch, but ultimatly uncessary, as it didn’t really add anything “new” to the characters, and only built on development that already existed.

The final part of this is all about solving the Puzzle of God, and the tricks and traps that lie within. This part is good, and it takes the major characters and does really interesting things with them, although they hit a new roadblock here: how can we create an ending that’ll top the past two? They go down this route through an emotional method, with a touchy feely type of theme, and provide the happily ever after to most characters.

After summerizing this, it just cements the point in my mind that I was trying to get at, and that’s that this season is nice and all, and it does interesting things which are appreciated…but is ultimatly not needed in the grand scheme of things. It’s not as good as the previous two seasons, and we actually lose a few features that made the previous two seasons so good.

In my mind, Phi Brain stopped at Episode 50, and these 25 episodes are just an enlarged ending that they’ve added on for fans of the franchise, but it offers little to no drive otherwise. For this reason, I honestly can’t give this season anything above a 7, regardless of how much I enjoyed it. Phi Brain itself is a fun, quirky, creative and slightly wacky adventure to go on, and I fully recommend the first two seasons to anyone who’s interested in something that’s slightly “out there”, but this season is really just for those who enjoyed the previous two.

Alex6 stars


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