Some Thoughts – Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 Episodes 24 and 25

Even if Something is Lacking…
It is Fun to be Alive

AlexIn a time maze, a puzzle beyond time and space constructed by Orpheus, Kaito and Raetsel face a puzzle that contains everything that they desire in their past, and there’s no clear objective or method to solve it; and this means that it’s the big finale for Phi Brain.

However, despite a past being rewritten and changed to involve Kaito travelling on Raetsel and Jin’s journey of happiness, no matter how many times the past is reset through the power of this puzzle, Raetsel always faces the same fate – shes’s always left behind by Jin after being told that she’s lacking something. However, very quickly, Raetsel fails the “puzzle” and hides herself away in an alternate world where she never meets Jin.

In this alternate world, everyone is perfectly happy, with Kaito filling the role of Jin, travelling around for his revenge. He runs into a Raetsel who’s running through her boring, mundane life constantly feeling that something’s missing. However, she’s not the only lost soul, as the dark, brooding Kaito has none of his happiness anymore, and isn’t solving puzzles because he likes them anymore. Eventually, the alternate Kaito leaves, and at this point Raetsel figures out that everyone is lacking something important. After running around and hunting, she manages to find Kaito, and at that point, Raetsel overcomes her weakness.

Oddly enough, Episode 24 was a subdued, quiet episode, that was more about Kaito saving Raetsel and Raetsel accepting herself.

In what appears to be another past, Raetsel becomes Orpheus, and challenges the puzzle of god in an attempt to save Jin from his duty. In this timeline, Nonoha has become a solver for the POG in an attempt to find Kaito, in the hopes that she will be able to work together with Kaito someday. This is enough to shatter Orpheus’s time maze, and the capture the territory puzzle starts up all over again. Nonoha’s words ring true, however, about solving the puzzle together, and Kaito uses all of his power to lead Raetsel to victory. With Kaito solving the puzzle, but Raetsel winning, there isn’t a clear winner in this puzzle. Thanks to this, Orpheus picks the vessal he would rather have, Kaito, and at that moment…

Well, we end up with the predictable outcome, of Rook using his faked death to defeat Orpheus once and for all, and also saving Freecell and Gyammon from behind the scenes. They then go ahead to pull a touching, emotional ending of how Jin and Orpheus were always the same, and how Raetsel had grown strong enough to cast Jin aside.

It’s the typical life goes on ending, providing conclusion to every character whom ew’ve met and visited over the course of three seasons, with Raetsel moving to England with Freecell and attending school together there, Anna studying art overseas, and Nonoha trying her hardest to solve a puzzle Kaito left for Nonoha, and eventually catching up to him, just like Kaito’s altered pasts had suggested. On Kaito’s side, he’s filling Jin’s shoes, travelling the world and making new puzzles for children everywhere.


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