Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 22

Samurai Flamenco Naked!!


Diableos Time for the finale of Samurai Flamenco! It’s been a long, bumpy ride, but we’ve finally reached the end of the road. The biggest question that remains is whether we would see a satisfying conclusion to the series or not, and I have to say it wasn’t disappointing.

The episode started off with flashbacks of Gotou dealing with the loss of his girlfriend and I really just couldn’t handle that. It made me feel awful and made me sympathize with him even more. It was painful to see what he went through and to watch his mind slowly deteriorate as he became dependant on sending messages to himself. All of it built up to him becoming a cop. He managed to convince himself to become one, yet perceived it as his girlfriend’s suggestion. It was interesting to see how he slowly became scarred mentally and I feel like it added to the rest of the episode. Back in the present day, it was a relief to see Gotou unharmed. Haiji missed his shot on purpose as he didn’t wish to kill Gotou. However, he wanted Gotou to kill him to scar Hazama for the rest of his life. Talk about crazy, but I suppose that’s part of what makes him a good villain! Haiji’s complete lack of emotion and empathy for other people also makes him such a great villain. I cannot stand him, but that means he’s doing his job the right way and that’s what makes him a good character. While he did not shoot Gotou, he was threatening to delete the last message Gotou legitimately received from his girlfriend… and actually went through with it, just to make Gotou mad. Making him mad is an understatement. He completely snapped and I doubt anyone ever expected him to.

It’s totally unbelievable that Haiji would fake his death so he could do all of this to Hazama, yet be so willing to throw his life away for real, purely to destroy Hazama’s life. A scarred Samurai Flamenco may have been really interesting to see, even though we all know it wasn’t going to happen. Hazama’s stronger than that and I would like to say he’s smarter as well, but that’s not quite the case. He does manage to come up with his own ideas for solving problems, such as dealing with Haiji. That was a surprise for sure. Honestly, I have to say I didn’t think the name of the episode would be so literal. I could hardly take it seriously, but the entire thing was still well executed. I was constantly smirking and laughing at how Hazama tried resolving the problems, but I loved it! Part of me wanted an incredible showdown, even if it was unlikely to happen. It was still very powerful at the start of the episode, and after seeing it all unfold, I’m actually happy with how everything wrapped up. I don’t think I would have enjoyed any other ending to this series as much as this. It was a nice, small bundle of emotion and laughter and it suited Samurai Flamenco very nicely.

So with the series at its end, I’m left with my overall thoughts on it. Do I think the show could have performed better? Yes. Did I enjoy it for what it’s worth? Definitely. It most certainly had a fair share of ups and downs, and I do feel that a number of the negative aspects could have easily been avoided, but the positives were wonderful! It’s somewhat difficult to say that the good points in this show made up for the bad ones. Some people were easily put off at points and I do admit that I was too, yet I never wanted to drop the show. I was always eager for the next week to come around. Now that the series has finished and people are free to watch at their own pace, I think some will be able to enjoy it a little more without having to wait a week each time. The sudden shifts throughout the show might have less of an impact that way and could be more enjoyable. Likewise, it may also take away from great moments if someone powered through the episodes. I would find it very difficult to recommend this to anyone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure, although I could recommend this as long as expectations weren’t set too high. If expectations are kept at a decent level and people take it at face value, without looking too much into certain things, this could be an enjoyable show for many! I would suggest informing interested people that the show doesn’t stick to what it starts off as. With the prior knowledge, disappointment will hopefully not be too big of an issue.

To summarize, Samurai Flamenco offers plenty of enjoyment, but is not what everyone is looking for. There are some great characters and events throughout the show, but unfortunately there are also some boring characters and stupid moments. The show is at its best during the first half, with the last few episodes finishing it all off nicely. The episodes in between are very shaky and would best be enjoyed by shutting your brain down a little. This is not a show I would rush off to watch, but it’s one to consider if you want to watch something ridiculous in your spare time.


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