First Impressions: Brynhildr in the Darkness



JustinJust what the hell does Byrnhildr mean anyway? The writer of Elfen Lied tries to make sense of it all.

There wasn’t a whole lot shown this episode, other than introductin the characters and the plot. Basically, Ryota Murakami is still connected to his female childhood friend and blames himself for her death. A girl who looks exactly like her has just shown up in his class and was able to predict his death along with the help of an accomplice, ultimately revealing her power of being able to destroy… stuff.

In terms of characters, I’d say the show is pretty solid. Other than one of the other characters that’s about to show up sooner or later. Murakami is a pretty solid lead character with a decent supporting cast to back him up. Although some may characterize this as a harem, make no mistake, there is only one couple that has any chance of making it through and that should be obvious from watching the first episode.

The first episode was okay. I think some of the jokes when Neko was attempting her times tables were lost in translation, as the manga had little notes explaining her answers. That’s more a translation problem than anything, though. The first half of the episode was better than the latter half.

I’m not really a big fan of ARMs and haven’t liked anything they’ve ever done. However, I’m always looking for be pleasantly surprised while watching something. Was I surprised during the pilot episode of this? Not really, it was pretty much the same as the manga. The manga’s second half didn’t exactly have the greatest material to work with, since Neko doesn’t act anything like she did just now for the majority of it.

I would rather judge this as a stand alone than compare it to the manga, as always with adaptions. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable. How do I think they’ll do? Well, judging by the OP, we’ll be getting stuff that’s way past the English translations and deep into the raws. So unless it’s longer than 13 episodes, that’s an almost certainty to butcher the source material(it’s almost 100 chapters long at this point). Judging by the studio as well, it’s a recipe for disater. It’s looking to either be a read the manga ending or an anime only ending(just like another similar series written by this author? hmm….).

Art and OST were all pretty good. I kind of like the OP, though it looks more like a PV of the show. The ED is pretty average but the character designs are actually pretty good. There wasn’t really enough to be shown of the plot this episode, so I won’t give anything away, but if the adaption stays consistent things will get pretty crazy.

As someone who wasn’t a fan of Elfen Lied in the slightest, I can tell you that this is much better in terms of story and characters. We’ll have to wait and see how the anime handles it.


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