First Impressions: Isshuukan Friends

One Week Friends


Alex Normally, I hate shows which use the amnesiac trope as a convenient way to get from A to B. However, the source material here seems to avoid all of that, with many people telling me how good and emotionally heavy it is. Without having actually read the source material myself, I went into this show pretty blind, only knowing the basic plot – every week, the female lead character, Fujimiya Kaori will lose her memories of the past week.

It’s not the most inventive plot out there, but inventive and creative plots don’t often mean the best show in the world, but what I found out very quickly about this show is that the male lead, Hase Yuuki, is a very likeable guy. He’s pretty immature at times, and has a very sensitive side to him, but he’s likeable and well thought out, and his voice actor actually works wonders in this scenario; it actually sounds like lines a real person would say similar to how a real person would say them. His friend, Kiryuu Shougo, didn’t really get very much screentime here, but through clever writing and exposition you get to understand what he’s about very quickly, and even if you want to shoehorn him into the wingman cliche, he does a really good job of doing so. I don’t doubt that more details about him will come as things progress, but what I saw of him is, just like Hase, very likeable and well written.

Things are still going really well when I move onto the female character and the amnesiac in question, Kaori. We didn’t get to see much from her perspective at all in the first episode, and what was seen may not be as good as the other characters that were shown, but the trend of a well written, realistic female character seems to carry through here. It’s a theme that I sensed from this show, being well written and detailed in the small areas, with the tiny things and scenario points coming across in a clever manner.

The final point to touch upon is the artwork. It’s…well, it’s nice. I’d use the term unique, but a fair handful of shows go for the hand-drawn effect, but I really feel like it fits and works well here. It makes the important scenes pretty, and adds odd little details to the characters…like Hase’s hairstyle, as the primary example. It’s a really clever and well thought out show, and i’m actually looking forward to where it goes next week, now that we’ve got the important exposition out of the way.


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