Brynhildr in the Darkness Episode 2



JustinThere’s always something that can help make a series work, though I’m not quite sure if Brynhildr has found it just yet.

I feel like the second episode has been jumping around between a cute slice of life and horribly grotesque series featuring girls who are experimented on. There was always an underlying truth in the manga, but our main protagonist hasn’t realized what was up just yet.

It looks as if they’re testing on these poor girls, cause hey, why not. Hints of larger powers are also at play here, but why does the government need them?  Are there other problems at hand that we’re not aware of? What’s the point of everything? I assume we’ll get most of those questions answered next episode.

However, on a character level, I think we’re getting subtle hints as to how each character will develop. Other than the comatose loli, the development of the characters this episode wasn’t “in your face,” yet it felt just right to me. Our protagonist is clearly analytical and rational, so it’s a nice breather from the usual male leads we get in these kind of shows. Plus, he jumps fences when he could simply walk around them. That’s bonus points as far as I am concerned.

Kuroneko, however, isn’t as clear. She jumps from super serious tsundere to a blushing mess, though in this episode it was kind of hilarious when the cake showed up. I guess the pacing in the manga wasn’t as noticeable, since I was able to read it all in one sitting at my own pace. Her loli friend seems to  chime in with wise-cracks every now and again, as I don’t remember her going any deeper than that in the manga. Because of her power to predict death, she still remains as the most useful power the soon-to-be group has.

Despite everything, I’d say this episode was marginally better than the last. We’re finally starting to figure out the character motivations along with the larger picture. I’m still wondering how they’re going to wrap everything up, since I did read that this had only been planned for 13 episodes. I’m not sure whether I’d like this to stand on its own or have a read the manga ending, but I don’t like either option the vast majority of time.


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