Isshuukan Friends Episode 2

How to Spend Time with Friends.


AlexStuff happened and we got an overview of the plot last week, and after Hase’s request to be friends at the end of last episode, I didn’t really know how things are going here on out.

Kaori doesn’t seem to remember periods of time where she’s spent them with her friends, so she doesn’t remember anything about eating lunch with Hase last week. That’s the catalyst which triggered Kaori to “believe” that Hase was her friend last week.

However, the biggest difference to start things with is that this time, Kaori seems to have a much kinder, gentler opinion of Hase, and it even goes as far as to accept his invite for crepes this time around. The two then go on a “date” on Sunday for the crepes, which both serves to develop Hase and Kaori alongside their relationship, however, it also has a hidden motive towards showing the difference in Kaori’s moods.

I think the word “sweet” would apply to things in the karoke booth perfectly, and Hase showed a feminine, sensetive side pretty well here. It’s all important exposition here, and the two characters are already so well developed it’s hard to believe, with both the implied development and the subtle development. Those who want to think about the characters here will enjoy it the most, as even Kaori’s coming off really well. I’m intrigued by a few aspects of her life, but I suspect that they’re all important plot points.

With that said. The heartbreaking scenes hurt even more with how much the two are developed at this point. I’m already feeling an attachment here, and we’re only at the second episode. Dayum.


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