Brynhildr in the Darkness Episode 3



JustinFinally we’re starting to get a better idea of the plot, since this episode was significantly better than the last two.I’d just like to mention my one irk with the episode. Why does the gothic loli’s voice thingy show emotion? It kinda takes you right out of the scene, though I guess it’s better for the show overall if it shows emotion. I think it would be kind of cool If they had a robotic voice, but you ain’t getting moe points for that.

This is a lot like Elfen Leid, though I’d say I prefer the earlier episodes of this. The violence so far at least has a purpose – that’s something I can’t say for the authors other effort.

I liked a lot of the symbolism in this episode, too. With how much damn wood he cut(way more than enough they’d need) showing that he isn’t ready, nor willing, to let either girl die. But still… Why in the world would Kuroneko leave all the medicine on the floor like that? Why would HE leave it on the floor? It’s basically their last resort to live and they just leave it on the floor? I guess it would have burned anyway, but still.

So we get our resident crazy bitch – Saori, who’s essentially using the same powers as those girls in Elfen Leid did. I think it was more of them wanting to show a more powerful version of Kuroneko, since she isn’t able to actually use her powers to kill people. But she can use her environment, as shown by her using it to fight back However, she’s quickly outmatched and gets torn apart.

I won’t spoil what Saori’s second power is, but I can already hear the cries of deus ex machina once it’s revealed. I disagree, since her power was known beforehand by everyone. Their plan is revolving around this before going inside he building, so it’s impossible to say that the author is writing himself out of the situation by doing this. At least not in the same way Guilty Crown did with the things Shoe pulled out of people at opportune times. I thought it was a good way in the manga to outsmart their opponent – to play around their powers and act accordingly rather than getting lucky.

As far as the plot goes, I’m wondering what purpose they need these witches for. Why are some more powerful than others? Why eject the defective ones? Why keep them as experiments? How will aliens tie into the plot? I can’t really see any purpose for their powers other than using them for war, so that might have something to do with it.

I guess, if anything, this is the place to drop it for people who aren’t feeling it. Usually the 3 episode rule is a good one and this further proves that. If you aren’t liking the slice of life moments and the darker moments, it’d probably be a good idea to dip out now. That being said, there’s still a lot more to come and more characters to be introduced.


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