Isshuukan Friends Episode 3

Friends of Friends


AlexEating lunch together seems like such a trvial thing, doesn’t it? The trivial things are often the hardest to find and the most enjoyable, and it’s a really suitable place to start things off this week.

With that said, the Kaori who made armfuls of eggs for Hase to try and the Kaori who solved problems in math are two completely different things, and Hase’s solution for this is to let more people get to know her…starting with Shogo.

I get the impression that he’s the worst person to start with, though, as he very quickly puts down the fuzzy atmosphere and starts making jokes about Hase dating her. Upon hearing about her unique trait, he starts saying exactly what we all thought from the start, and that something either happened in her past or that it’s all an act.

It’s obviously pretty upsetting for Kaori, and Hase plays the defensive friend role and banishes Shogo from the rooftop, despite him saying what everyone thought. From here on, things take a bad turn for Kaori, as she leaves her diary in the classroom, and upon going back, overhears the resident class girls badmouthing her. The diary would have probably been lost if it wasn’t for a last moment save from Shogo, whom is revealed to be an ass to almost everyone.

Things take an interesting turn on the coming Monday, where Kaori remembers making the eggs for somebody, but doesn’t quite remember who. It’s a rush of emotion, and it causes her to run from the classroom. Having remembered the eggs is one thing, but she also remembered Shogo, which Hase thinks is because the two aren’t friends. Despite this being a cheerful moment, though, there are some serious flags being raised here for ominous stuff to come, and the preview for next week kinda proves that theory.


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