The Three Episode Rule – An Overview of Spring Season 2014 Shows


KillzoneAs we are already knee-deep into the Spring 2014 Season of anime, it’s time to take in all the fabulous new shows and see which one makes it onto the list.

Compared to last winter’s season, I feel that there are less extremes at either end (Kill la Kill and Nagi no Asukara being at the top; Pupa being sentenced to the lowest levels of hell) while the average quality of shows has been increased substantially.

Shows currently following –


Captain-EarthCaptain Earth
Although other reviewers may says it’s just the same Bones and trope-fulled robot show we’ve seen time and time again, I just love epic robot shows. The production values are through the roof, the mech designs are interesting and the characters aren’t half bad. There also the matter of Captain Earth being related to Shakespearean plays but I can’t see the connection just yet, so I’ll just have to keep watching.

RoboDaimidalerKenzen Robo Daimidaler
As one of my fun dumb shows of the season, Daimidaler takes all the absurdness and designs of Samurai Flamenco, strips away it’s commentary on heroism, and amps up the ecchiness to the max. I’m rather enjoying the silliness of how fanservice is a plot-device in a mecha anime and penguins being the antagonist. In a sea of 3-D animated robots, having 2-D animated fights are a plus in my books as well as this show having glimpses of decent writing.

knights-of-sidoniaKnights of Sidona
Every time I watch this show, I just wanna blast Muse’s Knights of Cydonia over everything. However, the previews that showed the complete 3-D animation did turn me off quite a bit and I was considering not picking up this show. The character animation and motion is something I can barely stomach but the bleak world of Sidona and fairly good robot fights are keeping me in for the ride.

nobunaga-the-foolNobunaga the Fool
Continuing on from the winter season, Nobunaga the Fool is not a show I would consider great or even good. What it does have going for itself is its shallow but awesome manly character of  Nobunaga and its various historical figures duking it over the Eastern and Western Star. At this point, I just want to see how it all ties up in the end.


06132013_akuma_riddleAkuma no Riddle
Like Danganronpa but more comprehensible, who doesn’t want to see a classroom of assassins all targeting the same person. The yuri aspect seems to be more of the deep friendship variety rather than a full-blown Sakura Trick. More guns and explosions please.

Black Bullet Screenshot 3Black Bullet
Another hyped-up show that doesn’t quite make it so far, it’s still a competent series as far as animation and plot goes. I’m not too sure about the loli being the savior of the world but the action and premise is good enough to balance out the more questionable parts.

00aa0e102851e31f947f73dde2de43a21369002890_fullCoffin Princess
While it’s visuals isn’t anything to write home to, the main trio of characters are fun to watch and the fights requires a level of teamwork that most shows don’t even bother with. A very underrated show that I will blogging about in the near future.

imagesMahouka Koukou no Rettousei
After the complete failure of Madhouse’s Mahou Senou last season, this light novel adaptation is much better in terms of pacing and animation. I’m interested in exploring the technical aspect of magic in this world and seeing how this Gary Stu of a character steamrolls everyone. It doesn’t live up to the massive hype leading up to its premier but it’s definitely in the top ten shows this season.

ngnlNo Game No Life
Studio Madhouse is on a roll this season. As one of my top picks so far this season, it features a loveable sister/brother duo that sets out to win back humanity’s place in this game-oriented realm. The showdowns are unpredictable and the various schemes that each side employs make this a blast to watch every week.

qU5VGLERyuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
Sporting a high level of production values, Nanana’s Buried Treasure is a fun romp on a super high tech island geared towards schooling and research. I like how there is a sense of mystery and danger that comes with every treasure hunt as we get closer to unraveling what is truly going on behind the scene. Think of it as D-Frag! with an entire island instead of a school, treasure hunts instead of games, and slightly less insane characters instead of completely insane characters.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 1 Subtitle IndonesiaGokukoku no Brynhildr
Studio ARMS have really step up their game in the last few years by moving away from their hentai roots and producing quality shows like Maoyū Maō Yūshaa although they fell flat with Wizard Barristers for their latest effort. Brynhildr looks to become the new Elfen Lied with its bleak outlook, sci-fi premise of powerful witches interwoven with a light harem element. Looking forward to see how it pans out with so much manga material to cover in just 13 episodes.

Everything Else:

4311555ff17deb2d349942b8066ed16a1398301319_fullKanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara
If you liked Noucome, you will love this show as it makes fun of all the harem tropes. Higher production values, better overarching plot, and quirky insane characters than its counterpart makes it an easy recommendation for a fun lighthearted moe show.

Mangaka-san-to-Assistant-san-to-The-AnimationMangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation
Replacing Seitokai Yakuindomo* this season, it’s a shame that Mangaka-san is only half-episode in length because it’s goes by so quickly. I like how they drawn out the jokes more compared to Seitokai’s rapid-fire delivery and all the characters are quite adorable.

670px-0,800,0,456-Mekaku_City_Actors_color_800pxMekakucity Actors
Shaft being Shaft. The first two episodes did nothing for me as it felt like Akiyuki Shinbō indulging in himself and was random in terms of where the plot was going. The third one ties everything together and introduces the larger cast and then I found myself enjoying the series much more. From what I’ve gathered, the show goes only up from here so I’ll be keeping a close one on this one.

Shaft’s other show from the winter season continues to chug along it’s merry way. Although some people may see Nisekoi as a waste of Shaft’s creative talent or just simply a retread of recycled artistic ideas, I like how a rom-com fits into this kind of style. Besides, there is plenty of shipping fodder for everyone to go around.

Shows that people keep telling me to watch:

e834df24f068bc807967f8e50ebd49321393994923_fullMushishi Zoku Shou
Having seen about two episodes from the Mushishi series, it look like that this is a show that called for critical thinking and deep analysis of the human condition. Unfortunately, it lacks explosions and the very things that drew me into anime, so I’ll save this one for a rainy day. Best spine-chilling OP of the year.

a56942c07fa2427f97396d0f72f42cf3Ping Pong the Animation
I stay away from sports anime with a passion. However, this looks to be quite goofy and along the lines of Kill la Kill Eps 2 tennis matchup rather than a typical rag to riches type of show. I’ll give it a try some time before the spring season ends.

32060-friendspost_regOne Week Friends
50 First Date the anime is the vibe I’m getting from this show along with everyone else on MeepingAnime saying that this is one for the feels. Maybe?

Shows that have been dropped:

1388049346220Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun
My initial hope for Dai Shogun was for it to be a Nobunaga the Fool V2, with better visuals and awesomer everything. Unfortunately, Dai Shogun runs itself into a oncoming freight-train with horrible and limited animation, the over-reliance on fanservice and complete mess of a plot. Stay far away.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou_11Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Aside from the pretty background art and the two sorta likeable and levelheaded main leads, that’s all this show has it going for it. The jokes weren’t well written nor funny, supporting characters are downright annoying and the unnecessary visual addons makes the show feel bloated on emptiness. Also, it has those really annoying light shafts that is in every shot and blocks out half the screen.

That wraps its up for what I’m following for this season, if you have a suggestion on what other shows I should try out, leave a comment below.


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