Brynhildr in the Darkness Episode 4

JustinIt’s kinda surprising how well-paced Brynhildr is being right now, but there’s still a little bit of worry for me.

Maybe I’m just over-thinking it, since the anime doesn’t really explain a whole lot of plot elements past the first 30 chapters. Mostly, the arcs are just witches(usually very dangerous) chasing the main cast. So although I would like to see them animated, I can understand cutting some of them to focus more on the plot.

But enough of that, how’d this episode do? I’d say it was the best one yet if it weren’t for the censorship(as you can see in the image above). I can’t believe they ended up censoring Satori getting stabbed in the back, though I guess it’ll give me another reason to rewatch it – depending on how the series plays out from this point. It’s most certainly the darkest show this season.

We’re also getting the plot to shape up more along with the characters getting more and more developed – that’s why we’ve finally been interested to our resident pervert of the series. Kazumi is bound to be the most popular character on /a/, but most definitely for all the wrong reasons. Even though she’s a total perv and is the staple perv of harems, I think she has enough originality for viewers to see she really cares about the main character. That, of course, is up to how ARMs decides to adapt it.

I’m not really sure if it’s right to call this a harem since, as far as I know, Kazumi and Neko are the only two involved with having feelings for Ryouta. It’s not nearly a harem on the level of Infinite Stratos or other similar series’, but I guess it can still be classified as one considering all the girls he’s constantly around, as all of the witches are girls as well.

Getting back to the episode, I’d say they’re only getting better. Saori killing Ryouta was well done, if it weren’t for the censorship. Although some may cry bullshit about her power, it isn’t anymore bullshit than anything else. It’s a power designed to save her from dying and, as I stated in my last blog post, the characters based their entire plan around her turning back time. As they knew they had little chance of beating her without catching her off guard, this was their only chance. It isn’t as if she randomly had that power without any of the characters knowing, so it’s impossible to consider it deus ex machina.

The episode ends with introducing loli jugs, who is being set up to be AA+. We know that AA means she has two powers, but it’s not clear of the significance of the +. Does it mean she is more powerful than the run-of-the-mill AA that they needed to create a new category for her? Or would that be too obvious? I kind of forget if they explained it in the manga, but if not, I can’t see what else it would be.

Brynhildr is delivering in terms of mystery, characters, gore and even animation at times(though the QUALITY does manage to make its way in). I think it’s too early to say how well written the series has been, since I need to see how everything concludes before making that decision. It’s certainly not worth dropping… yet.


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