Mushishi Zoku Shou Episode 5

Mirror Lake

Ginko almost gets a girlfriend…

Oh how nice that would have been… *grin* This time, Ginko meets a young girl who is heartbroken over the man who left her. Her clothes, once bright and pretty, now look muted and dull. He notices something peculiar about her right away—water noises that turn out to be a mushi that is following her constantly. Within the first five minutes or so of the episode, he easily diagnoses the problem and explains the cure to her and her parents. It’s really something as simple as reflecting its image in a mirror, but the girl struggles with the will to do it. If she doesn’t, then the mushi will switch places with her. It’s rather scary that she must wait until the last possible moment to use the mirror…

This episode really speaks to the core of human emotions that most anyone can relate to. Who hasn’t felt lonely, depressed, or had their hopes disappear? Who hasn’t questioned the purpose of their life and wondered what it would be like if they didn’t exist? I love the way that Ginko talks her out of giving up. She may be feeling lonely now, but wandering aimlessly among the mushi is even lonelier. Even though the mushi lack a soul, some of them try to crawl out of the darkness to find the light. This scary thought is enough to make her polish her hand mirror in order to protect herself. In a small twist of events, the mushi loses form after seeing its reflection in her eyes, so hey, even Ginko learns something new this time!

The ending has the perfect touch of humor. Once she’s all well and happy again, she suddenly notices that…Ginko is actually kind of cute. Before she can latch herself onto him, he has to make his quick getaway! As much as I loved his reaction to that, a part of me wanted to ship them. Just a little bit…


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