Brynhildr in the Darkness Episode 5



JustinSo it’s going to be a show of cliff hangers every episode, is it? That’s cool, I can wait, seeing as I know what’s going to happen.

It appears as if I’ve been mistaken, since Kikako, who was just introduced this episode, only has one power. Though what’s the significance of AA+ Would AA+ be less than AAA or more? I’m not quite getting the ranking here, but I guess it’s simply a way to show how powerful a witch is. This is more than often indicated by the amount of powers she has, though it’s not necessarily a correlation.

The first five minutes are almost entirely boob jokes related to the size(or lack of) of the girls, though I guess some people enjoy it, I can’t say I did. Boob jokes should be used in moderation, else they lose their flare. Using them at every opportunity, like any joke, makes it less funny each time. There’s something called comedic timing that Brynhildr isn’t understanding here.

But when we actually get into the development of the cast, I’d say it was passable this episode. The writing was pretty bad, though. Why would Kotori not be careful enough to hide her harness? Was she relying on the others not knowing what it was? Still, you’d think that someone who’s literally fearing for their life would be a little more careful on the only thing that could compromise them.

I’d say it’s pretty obvious Kotori wasn’t the AA+ witch from the start, though I didn’t want to spoil anything. I just don’t understand this arc very well. If their goal is to keep their experiments under the wraps, why would they send out an extremely powerful witch with heavy fire power to assassinate them? You’d think it could cause some kind of uproar, especially considering the destruction she can cause. Saori made a lot more sense, since she could kill people without anyone knowing what happened, but with Kikako, it’s obvious where the beam of destruction is coming from.

Another thing which makes me wonder about all of this is why even send witches out in the first place? They obviously don’t have many ways to kill people, so a team of 20-30 people with guns should be able to easily take them down. Seriously, one well placed kick to the thigh would incapacitate any of these girls for a good amount of time. If you’re going to send witches after them, at least use ones that could be hidden under the guise of making it look like they’re not fucking magic. There must be more I’m not understanding here, unless the author really is that bad of a writer – which he is, considering his track record.

The next episode will make this more clear, but the episode came off as nothing but trying to make the audience feel sad. There’s more here, since the main character is still being decent and the SoL moments are amusing. But it’s simply a shame, I guess. What’s an even bigger shame is Murakami’s size discrimination. Kyon sums it up quite nicely.

Kyon with the right idea.


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