Spotlight of the Week #1 – Nisekoi


Nisekoi takes this weeks spotlight after another intense episode of “When will they confess?!”.

Although Nisekoi is your somewhat cliché harem, it does a damn good job of separating itself from the garbage. Sure, Raku is loved by pretty much every member of the female cast, minus Onodera’s budding wing-woman Ruri, but is the plot all that obvious? Nisekoi has made it into my weekly spotlight for two simple reasons. The first, is that we’re 18 episodes in, and for once I don’t know which girl is “best girl”. It sounds silly, but this gives me reason to keep watching. There isn’t a stand out girl who gets all the attention, and the protagonists feelings are mixed (to an extent). Chitoge starts off as someone you don’t want Raku to be with. The forced relationship creates a distance between them and only worsens their chances of ever becoming an item. Over time this turns around completely, and their situation makes Chitoge start to like Raku. She has feelings for him, and although she doesn’t understand them, this only strengthens the fact it’s love. Raku, on the other hand, has been in love with Onodera for years. He still does love her, but he also has feelings for Chitoge. After spending so much time with each other, forced or not, you’re bound to make a connection. Personally, I think he feels for her as a good friend, and their love-hate relationship is a strong one. This is why I won’t route for her. She may have fallen for Raku, and although I don’t want to see her cry, the relationship they have right now is perfect. They argue a lot, but you can see they both care, and it’s tight.

Onodera is who you route for at the start. She’s Raku’s crush, she also likes Raku – but neither of them know the truth. Ruri tries to help Onodera get closer to Raku, but the typical mistakes occur and the messages never really get across. The recent episode 18 “Can I kiss you, Raku?” is absolutely disgusting. Who falls asleep like that? Either way, Onodera is still who I’m routing for. While she’s slightly slow (apart from that vicious attempt I just mentioned), she’s Raku’s crush and I think she’s the “nicest” girl. Finally (I know what you’re thinking), we have Tsugumi. She’s probably the most shy out of all three (four). Her chances are pretty much 0%. The fact she’s pretty much Chitoge’s best friend means any proper interest or intent for herself involving Raku would be a big mistake. I doubt she’d betray Chitoge either way, so we can safely say it isn’t going to happen.

Marika needs to die.

The second reason for Nisekoi making the spotlight is that Raku, the man with the harem, isn’t a complete and utter imbecile. He doesn’t ignore his feelings, or other peoples, and so he isn’t a coward. He may not have caught on to the feelings of everyone around him just yet, but I’m certain he’ll sort it out in the manliest and noble of ways once he finds out. Overall, Nisekoi is a humorous drama where even the most mediocre cliff hanger will keep you holding on. I highly recommend it for fans of romantic comedy.


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