Review: The Pilot’s Love Song



JustinThe average pilots average love song was strikingly average. I probably would have hated it a lot more if last winter season was any good, though.

On the technical scale of things, some of the CGI was used nicely in conjunction with hand drawn stuff, though the hand drawn stuff looked like complete ass when it wasn’t the main focus. The OST wasn’t the most horrible thing in the world. The voice actors were all pretty standard and no one stood out. Just pretty average all around technically.

The story itself looks good on paper. It has an expansive world(which wasn’t explored) and was building off a movie that also had an expansive world. At first I thought this was a simple spin off of the movie set in the future, though it’s obviously in the same time line as the world they’re in becomes more clear. There’s a large cast, most of which doesn’t get much development. Verdict: average.

The characters themselves are… okay, I guess. On paper it seems like a decent idea, with the revenge plot and all. It’s all anyone watching cares about anyway. Basically, Karl was an exiled prince during something called The Wind Revolution, which his mother was killed by someone named Nina Viento. He decides to go on a journey with his “sister” for the sole purpose of getting revenge, much to everyone’s dismay. Things don’t go as planned when he meets and falls in love with a girl named Claire Cruz, who also happens to be Nina Viento in disguise.

Oh wow! That’s interesting, someone falls in love with the person they most hate. To be honest, I was really excited after the first episode. It was an interesting juxtaposition and what I believe to be set up fairly well. Unfortunately, it was the only interesting part of the series, since everything else was pretty average and not worth your time.

The story suffers from pacing issues all the way though because of excessive flashbacks. On should wonder why not just start your story all the way from the beginning if you want to explain every plot point with the use of  a flashback. It’s not a sign of a very good writer, or a very good adaption.

Okay, I’ll be spoiling almost the entire series from here on. Turn back now if you don’t want to read.

First of all, the planes they were using were designed retardedly. Why did they make an open cockpit for the person in the back? They had to stand while shooting? What about when they make midair maneuvers? They’re not even given a powerful rifle, though they somehow are able to cut through the far more advanced enemies like paper. It’s a poor design which doesn’t make any sense. At least give them a closed cockpit.

Characters die because that’s what happens in stories like this. There’s nothing surprising in this show and it seems like the author went through a class on “how to write a story 101” without any other variables involved. Perhaps the source material it’s based off is more interesting, but it wasn’t adapted very well if that’s the case. It didn’t have the same problem in the movie, so I won’t be so quick to blame the original creator as he’s obviously capable of far better work.

The entire journey was absolutely a farce from the beginning which just wasn’t very well written. So they flew Isla all the way across the world…. had God knows how many people die… just to crash it into a wall? Hope you all enjoy being homeless! I kid, but no one in their right mind would do that. Not to mention they gave Claire up so easily, which would never, ever happen.

I think I’ve covered the big ones, but I wouldn’t waste time on this show. They introduced more plot points in the end, which will probably end up being an advertisement for the novels. Verdict: skip this show and ONLY watch it if you’re super curious on the events that happen after the movie, which isn’t even a good continuation of it.

6 stars


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