Spotlight of the Week #2 – Akuma no Riddle

Akuma no Riddle

This was a tough decision with No Game No Life & Baby Steps also being fantastic recently, but Akuma no Riddle took some big steps. Keep in mind being in the spotlight isn’t always good, though.

After the first episode I was sure this was going to be the hit of the season, but I was let down by the borderline episodic one by one they fall episodes. There was very little story, only focussing on some back story of the soon to be deceased assassin, with the occasional flash of Haru & Tokaku’s lives. It’s why the most recent episode was a nice change. First of all, we don’t just have one of the members of class black making a pretty poor attempt at assassinating Haru. Instead, it’s a game, and it takes up the majority of the episode so the focus is set. Although each part of the game was solved pretty quickly and the action was relatively lacking, the part I loved was the final fourth card. It’s pretty much a choice between Tokaku’s or Haru’s life, and Haru doesn’t only choose to save Tokaku, she literally breathes life into her; and that’s what she’s been doing throughout the whole show. We know Tokaku has some sort of issue that means she’s afraid to kill people, and being able to protect someone is the opposite. Anyway, let’s face it, without Tokaku, Haru would have been dead soon after anyway. She can’t protect herself at all. In fact, if Tokaku hadn’t taken her side, this would have been over long ago. The game was flawed from the beginning if Suzu was relying on Tokaku sacrificing herself.

The issues I have with this series are mainly about explanations. So far the riddles that have been sent out to Tokaku are almost meaningless with I think one exception which I already forgot about, and that shows just how much meaning it had. If they’re explained into further detail later on then it wouldn’t be too bad but given how much screen time this riddle guy and his texts are given I doubt they mean any more than I already think they do. Then there’s the whole reason behind class black. I know we’re going to find out why exactly they want Haru dead and decided to go about it in such a seemingly difficult way (I hope), but it is all very odd. All in all, the series seems very rushed. Combat lasts less than a minute with some scenes ending before they’ve even begun, and Haru’s happy go lucky attitude is awful given the situation she’s in. However episode 7 was a nice change of pace and has given me new hope for the series. With only 6 people left to attempt the assassination and 5 episodes left, I’m hoping for a dramatic turn of events and some needed explaining.


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