Mushishi Zoku Shou Episode 7

Cloudless Rain

 Mushi can be both a blessing and a curse, such as in the case of this young woman…

When Ginko first meets and observes Teru, we get the impression that she can predict when it is going to rain. The villagers have full confidence in her and often use up all of their water resources. Then, one day, her prediction comes several days too late. It’s not that she can predict the future, but a water-like mushi that entered her body years ago causes it to rain wherever she goes. If she stays in one place too long, it can cause severe flooding. This started reminding me of an earlier episode where a boy that was afflicted by a mushi caused constant snowfall. What’s interesting about Teru, though, is that she has learned how to coexist with the mushi, bringing rain to different villages where drought is common. Although it has caused her great hardships, she can still help and save people by using mushi the right way. Actually…she sounds a lot like Ginko!

I have to admit, this episode turned out to be better than I thought it’d be. Even though Ginko’s role was small this time, it was interesting to see Teru’s story unfold and try to imagine what I would do in such a predicament. Hmm…probably build a water town.

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