Isshukan Friends Episode 6

Mothers of Friends


AlexThe old trick of getting invited to a girl’s place for some math revision, huh? Hase’s such a player sometimes.

Hase’s impure and dirty motives aside, the guy may have got more than what he bargined for when Kaori joined in, and then it got even worse for poor Hase when Shougo got himself joined in too. It’s a pretty quick and speedy way to setup the episode, but what works works, when you get down to it. The focus of this episode was on Kaori fufilling one of her dreams, and that was to invite people over to her house one day.

All sorts of fun, silly things come out with the four of them in the same bedroom, like Saki getting sleepy when she eats too much and Saki trying to make Shougo smile, saying that he’s grumpy and never smiles. However, the fun evening at Kaori’s ends with Kaori’s mother handing over a strange slip of paper to Hase, saying to read it later. It is normal for mothers to be protective, especially since Kaori’s got a special condition. See, it’s incredibly unusual for mothers to call people out like that, especially their daughters friends, but it could be viewed one of two ways, just like Shougo pointed out.

There isn’t very long set aside for Hase and Shougo to have their own little brief chat, but the chat that they do have serves the purpose that it should have served, and that’s to remind the viewers just what caring relationship the two of them share.

However, it turns out that Kaori’s mother wants to tell Hase the little that she knows about her memory incident, and that’s that Kaori was involved in a car accident when she was in sixth grade. However, that was just when it started, and she drops the hint which we all knew…Kaori is carrying some emotional baggage for some reason, and that’s what keeps causing this problem. The only clue that’s dropped is that when this accident happened, Kaori was going out to see a friend.

I think it takes real strength to be as strong as Kaori’s mother is, and even more to keep smiling in the situation.

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