Isshuukan Friends Episode 4

Fighting with Friends


AlexMemory loss isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as the first major issue comes up in Hase’s and Kaori’s relationship this week.


It does strike my as odd that rumours spread about Shogo and Kaori first, and odd that Kaori didn’t forget him, but I think we all get like that when one of our friends gets slightly obsessive over another one of our friends. I mean, jealousy is a natural emotion for people to feel, but the biggest problem with it is that it stops you thinking through what you’re saying, and it’s a really easy way to hurt peoples feelings. Watching Hase say “It’s boring when you talk about him” was oddly painful, but mostly because I can feel for both the characters involved.

To Kaori, Shogo is the first friend she has that she can remember, and that’s why she’ll enjoy talking about him and how he makes life fun, but on the other hand, it’s natural for Hase to get jealous. Not saying it’s good that he did or anything, but…well, jealously can cause unfortunate events.

See, because of the fight, Kaori went to a place she doesn’t normally go to, was distant, and happened to drop her diary along with some other belongings. Without the diary, she’ll forget all about Hase but remember Shogo, and that’ll naturally lay waste to a bunch of heart-rending events between the two.

Points have to go to Shogo in this episode, though. He plays the role of a wingman perfectly, whilst actually branching out from this role in some occasions, especially with how his relationship with Kaori has formed. He’s probably single-handedly stopped this show from being a drama fest which spirals out of control rapidly, and he’s even developed over characters, as through his actions, we also got to see new sides of Hase, be it the ugly side or the bashful side.

On a smaller side, I think little quips like skipping classes in the bathroom are pretty neat touches and well thought out, and especially well implemented.

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