Isshuukan Friends Episode 5

A New Friend


Alex“Don’t talk to me in the classroom”. Who could have guessed such a strange rule can have been broken so easily?


I thought Hase would be the only person weird enough to go up to someone and ask them to be your friend, but a new girl, by the name of Yamagishi Saki, a quiet fan of Kaori also asked the same question.

Saki instantly comes across as too childish and pushy, and Hase’s stalking and watching is coming across as slightly obsessive. It’s an interesting dynamic, especially when Kaori calls her out and tells her about the memory problems.

Who knows, though, maybe having a female friend is what Kaori needed. That said, they certaintly do get along very well very quickly, and it actually gets pretty funny when Hase starts to get jealous that they’ve never gone shopping or ate crepes, and things like that before.

Saki gets to take second place in the diary, but….well, I felt really bad for Saki when she found out that she had been forgotten. Though she shrugged it off so quickly and easily and continued in her stride, it didn’t take long at all to break the rule about talking in classrooms. A small step forward is a big step forward, but i’m more interested to see just how this will end up in the longer run, and if Hase gets jealous about being “second best” again.

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