Isshuukan Friends Episode 7

Friends of Ah; Friends of Whew.


AlexThe gears of romance start turning as summer break starts to fall into place, but with how pure and innocent Hase tends to be, things can actually become quite an issue.

The first thing which happens in this episode is actually pretty interesting to think about. With Kaori no longer being isolated, she’s making friends everywhere, so she’s spending much less time on her own with Hase. Whn you’ve got romantic interests with someone, it must be really hard to have to spent all your time together. Though, thankfully, Hase’s learnt from the last time he caused a fuss and is being a lot more mature about the situation, even if it’s just sulking at Shougo.

Though, being the classical nice-guy fits Hase perfectly, and I honestly couldn’t imagine him doing anything other than being a lovely, friendly guy. However, like Shougo said, there’s a difference between being innocent and just being a wimp. I guess only future drama will be able to determine if Hase’s a wimp or not…

When you’re not used to having friends to hang around with, meeting outside of classrooms is a huge deal…and i’m speaking from experience here. I was really impressed that the writers accuratly got this across, nd it was really obvious on both Kaori and Hase’s parts that they were trying to arrange something with each other, but failing to meet in the middle every time. Shougo plays a fantastic wingman yet again, getting Hase into the perfect position every time.

In all honesty, the only problem with it really is that Hase can’t admit he’s totally in love with Kaori, but I guess that the two of them being so cute can give people a case of heartburn. Hmm…

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