Isshuukan Friends Episode 8

Friends and the Beach


AlexWhen you’re with fun, exciting people, even catching a bus can be an adventure, let alone a train to the beach. Though at the end of the episode, I was sat with that classic “hnngh” feeling. And the feeling that this show is about break my heart after such a beautiful episode.

Going to the beach can be fun in all weathers. In the UK, it’s often raining at the beach, so you don’t go to swim, you go to walk along the beach and play games there. Funnily enough, that’s the problem that happens to start up when they go to said beach. Why the beach, though? It’s probably because the relationship Hase and Kaori have shared over the summer is getting pretty stagnant. Meeting up so frequently isn’t any fun for anyone when you’ve got nothing to do, and even doing the same thing over and over can be tiring.

Arriving at a rainy beach means that there’s nothing to do, though. Making sandcastles and playing with a beach-ball aren’t all that great, but going to an arcade is pretty fun. The four of them at the arcade is packed with charming moments, like Hase trying to show off and the photo of everyone together, but the big charm of this episode is obviously the beach.

Before I get started on it first, though, I want to talk about something Shougo said. “Are you sure this is what you want? Maybe you should push a little more.” It sums up almost everything that the romantic undertones tackle this week, with both Saki and Shougo tackling the pair individually on their feelings for each other, but both people being unable to actually accept that they’ve got feelings for one another.

By the time the rain’s gone and food’s arrived, the sun’s setting, sadly. However, it’s been a really fun day for everyone involved, but the highlight is Hase and Kaori again. They follow the Japanese tradition of fireworks at the beach at night, and this is with a piano rendition of the main theme in the background. There’s so many innocent scenes of the two together, but these scenes are designed for a couple. It’s a perfect romance…but there’s no romance.

It’s packed with absolutely beautiful scenes, though, and beautiful scenes with beautiful music do make you melt a little bit inside. I actually had a really warm, pretty feeling inside throughout all of this episode, and that’s so rare…but well, the next episode title? “Last Day with Friends”

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